USB device conflict

  Gary Wood 19:02 21 Dec 2004

I have an external USB2 hard drive and a USB2 card reader. Both of these worked fine on my system. However, I have recently formatted my HDD and, having reinstalled everything, I cannot get the two to work alongside each other. If just one at once is connected everything is fine, but with both devices connected, even though all the drives appear in My Computer, I consistently get write failures with the HDD. How can I get around this?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 21 Dec 2004

How are you trying to connect them? If they are in the same hub and it is not powered then the port the hub is plugged into is overloaded.

Plug them into seperate ports and retry.

  Gary Wood 20:26 21 Dec 2004

The reader and HDD are both connected to separate USB ports on the back of my computer - as they always have been. I can get them to work now by plugging one into my hub, but since the hub is only USB1 they can't stay like that.

Any other suggestions?


  freaky 20:39 21 Dec 2004

Could be your USB connections are not getting sufficient power. Has your USB Hub got it's own power supply ?

Also, does your Motherboard have USB2 ? If not then get a USB2 PCI Card, and connect this to your hub.

  Gary Wood 21:17 21 Dec 2004

My Motherboard is USB 2.
The setup worked with both the card reader and ext. HDD connected to separate ports on the back of the computer until I formatted. Now I've reinstalled, they conflict!

  Muckle 21:21 21 Dec 2004

Had you loaded updated USB2 or other drivers for the mobo before the hard drive was reformatted?

  Gary Wood 21:31 21 Dec 2004

I keep all the drivers for my hardware on the external drive, updating the installation files there whenever I get newer drivers. The HDD and card reader don't have their own drivers anyway, they use the Windows Mass Storage Device one...

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