USB cross over cables for broad band, How good ?

  User-324448 16:39 16 Dec 2005

Hello again, Ive read on this forum that you can use a simple USB cross over cable to link broadband to a 2nd computer. I have 2 computers 2 feet apart, also have 2 adsl modems Im looking for a simple way to use broadband on either without swapping the phone plugs over, which is what I do now.or am I being lazy?

  Thalmus 16:47 16 Dec 2005

Its not a USB crossover you are after, its an ethernet crossover that you will need.

provided you have an ethernet socket in each PC then you can connect them with this and share ypur broadband connection

  User-324448 16:54 16 Dec 2005

Thanks Thalmus, I dont have an ethernet connection on one so I will just have to unplug the modems when I need to. Ah well! Thanks, Prof.

  Thalmus 16:57 16 Dec 2005

you can invest in a network card to plug into the other pc, they are very cheap (only about £5)

  interzone55 17:00 16 Dec 2005

A more sensible method, although involves spending about £40 is to get an ADSL Modem Router, this plugs into the phoneline and is always connected to the net.
You then connect both your PCs to the router using short patch leads (straight-through ethernet cables). This way either or both PCs can be on the net without needing to have the main PC on all the time.

If you look around, some ADSL modem routers also incorporate a print server, which means either PC can print to the same printer, but the print cue doesn't tie up one PC.

  User-324448 17:25 16 Dec 2005

Thanks for so much info from you both, I think I will go for the more expensive route that Alan suggested as it will stay good even if I change either computer in the future,I do like the idea of being able to use the printer as well,I will scour the adverts now Thanks again to both of you. Prof.

  woodchip 17:35 16 Dec 2005

If you try linking USB you will blow the motherboard. You have to use a proper USB bridge cable to network usb

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