USB controller not shown in control panel/system

  greybeard 12:00 31 Aug 2009

Gigabyte GA-5AX/r4 motherboard, ULi/ALi chipset
Award 4.51 bios shows the usb controller "Enabled"
In control panel/system/device manager there is no entry for a usb controller.

I'm trying to connect my HP5407c usb scanner to the on-board connection, but the scanner is not detected. It's been installed on this hdd in a previous build, and trying to connect it through a working hub, it works with a laptop OK.
If I connect any other device via the hub, they are also not detected( the led doesn't light).
Plugging a wireless dongle straight into the usb port lights its led, so I assume the drive voltage is ok, and the hardware is probably OK.

If I can't get it working in the next 8 hours, it will be replaced by a pci card usb hub, or try connecting the scanner via the printer cable pass through connection.
Can anyone help with sorting the mobo problem first ?

  greybeard 12:01 31 Aug 2009

I should have added that I'm running win98se on this setup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:13 31 Aug 2009

Download and install the motherboard drivers for the USB chip support click here

  greybeard 14:50 31 Aug 2009

and do I need to take any action like deleting/disabling any other data/processes on the pc before I install the drivers, or is it all automatic ?

Sorry to hear that you've become an endangered species.
Is there anything we can do to help ?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 31 Aug 2009

Just install them.

Endangered? never realised.
A few ripe plums wouldn't go amiss

  Stuartli 14:59 31 Aug 2009

Also see:

click here

  greybeard 15:40 31 Aug 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat.
We have wild plums - bullaces - in a hedge near here, and they make fantastic wine, so I'm afraid I could only offer you the fermented results ;)

Hi Stuart.
Yes, I've been there, and found it a little worrying, hence the request to friends here.

Regards all.

  greybeard 16:18 31 Aug 2009 the contents of this folder.
It only seems to indicate the instalation of ide devices, and there is no mention of usb.

Is this OK, as elsewhere I've come across the idea that drivers aren't needed for the onboard usb anyway, and this is what started me puzzling over what the problem actually was.

It's easy to be worried when you don't know what's going on, so some explanation would be very reassuring !

  Stuartli 17:51 31 Aug 2009

Devices such as printers and scanners should use a individually dedicated system USB port.

  greybeard 18:40 31 Aug 2009

So my idea of a usb/pci card would be good way to go, with the extra ports it gives me ?

Good, because I've just started bidding for one !


  Stuartli 18:43 31 Aug 2009

Cost less than a tenner at a good computer outlet...:-)

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