USB Connections on `Flat Panel`not working?

  The Brown Rock 00:34 17 Feb 2008

I have purchased a new computer and felt that the two USB ports in the`flat panel monitor` would be very accessible and be most useful, however, when I install my removeable`stick`drive`in either of the two ports there is no response or recognition of the connection - what am I doing wrong?

  Jak_1 01:01 17 Feb 2008

Some specs would be handy, make and model of the pc and monitor, os.

  ambra4 01:26 17 Feb 2008

If it is undocumented, it is a service port can use it to do a firmware upgrade to fix known bugs or add/improve features.

You would download a firmware update file from the manufacturer's website, and store the file on a USB flash drive

Then you would insert the drive into the TV's USB port and put the TV into the service mode to "flash" the non-volatile memory inside the TV.

And only factory authorized service personnel could use the port for updating the TV

Because the port is undocumented, it is not likely that is there for playing media files, as

it is on some Panasonic TV and Philips DVD recorder

This is very common among all TVs

  The Brown Rock 23:59 17 Feb 2008

The computer is a high spec `Dell`with Dell 20"`Ultra Sharp`wide Flat Panel. I do not understand`what you mean by `not documented` I'm pretty sure this feature was mentioned in `reviews`before I opted for this model of `flat panel. I have not as yet made contact with `support`as I feel this is purely due to my ignorance and perhaps you can put me right before making a fool of myself; with poor eyesight I would find this handy for transferring date with my `flash drive`- thanks in anticipation.
The Brown Rock

  ambra4 00:17 18 Feb 2008

take a read the manual and see if listed

  MCE2K5 00:35 18 Feb 2008

What you need is a USB A/B Cable (i.e. USB Printer Cable).

See this Picture click here B end goes in here, A end goes into a spare USB Socket on your PC.

Picture of USB A/B Cable Plugs click here.

Once Connected you will have 4 USB Ports on the Monitor.

  MCE2K5 00:37 18 Feb 2008

2 Underneath and 2 at the Side of the Monitor.

  tullie 01:14 18 Feb 2008

This is a new one with me,dident know that monitors had USB ports,but why not use the ones on computer anyway?

  MCE2K5 01:21 18 Feb 2008

Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20.1-inch Dual Tone Flat Panel LCD Monitor click here

Brown Rock has poor eyesight as of post Sun, 17/02/[email protected]:59

  MCE2K5 02:52 18 Feb 2008

This is the type of Cable you need click here

  bretsky 07:52 18 Feb 2008

You are spot on as I have this monitor and the two usb ports are recognised just fine when plugged in.

click here this is just me raving on about it to another forum member.

bretsky ;0)

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