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  MICKY BOY 14:40 18 Jul 2007

Hi All,

Have installed a Belkin 2.0 USB – FireWire PC card in the back of my computer, all OK
But would like to convert the two 1.1 USB ports on the front of the computer to 2.0 USB. At the moment they are connected to the mother board with 9 pin in two rows connection belt the same as that connected to my DVD drives but smaller.
The Belkin PC card has at the back- another words inside the computer a spare 2.0 USB connection.
I need a connection cable or connection device to go from the 9 pin in two rows connection block on the front of the computer to the back of the PCI card with a normal USB connection. Can anybody tell me what the 9 pin connection gable is called or if such a connector can be bought.



  MICKY BOY 17:27 18 Jul 2007

help anybody

  jimv7 17:32 18 Jul 2007

I believe that if your front ports are usb1, then you cannot convert them to usb2. They are designed as usb1 and the electronics are usb1, no matter if connected to usb2.

  Diemmess 18:01 18 Jul 2007

Like jimv7 said what you have is what you are stuck with!
Are you sure the front ports are USB 1 ?
Depending on how old the motherboard, there is no advantage to anyone these days marketing USB1 rather than USB2.

I just checked the spec of a computer I bought this year. It seems all six ports are USB 2.
On a previous old box I had to fit a PCI to 4 port USB2 card. A cheap and satisfactory upgrade except that all the ports were at the back.

Bear in mind that USB1 is adequate for printers Internet, and joysticks. It is HD and other chunks of data that are slower on USB1.

I wish I knew how to check USB speed at any port, except by comparison with a port of known value.

  Totally-braindead 18:15 18 Jul 2007

I've got to be honest and say that I don't know if you can connect the front USB on your case which are designed for USB 1.1 to the header connectors on your card and convert them to USB 2.0. I see no reason it shouldn't work but I personally would hesitate to try it, as you may know if you connect USB up wrongly you can destroy the USB on the motherboard.
I have 2 suggestions which I know will work. Either buy a USB 2.0 hub (cost less than a tenner from and connect to the back or if you think thats a bit messy and have a spare front drive bay either a 3.5" floppy one or a 5.25" CDROM bay free, buy a USB 2.0 drive bay connector, some fit to headers and some connect via a cable to the rear and plug into a port, you would be wanting the first type to connect to the header connectors on your USB card.

  Stuartli 18:32 18 Jul 2007

You may also have to change the number of USB2 ports in use/wish to use in the Bios.

  MICKY BOY 22:01 18 Jul 2007

Thanks all for your advice.
sorry I have not replied before, but have been out for the evening.
Once again regards to all.


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