USB connecting

  justbanksy 14:56 30 Dec 2005

i have two USB ports on the side of my pc but the wires with square connectors on them (white, green, red & black ) are not connected to the motherboard. i know where abouts to connect them but not the exact prongs ! any diagrams or help would be much appreciated, cheers, banksy.

  woodchip 15:01 30 Dec 2005

red goes to pin on look at where you connect you will see pin marked at one corner that live and should not go on any other pin white and green are data wires you can change these about on pin 2 pin 3 till it works black is ground wire should go other end from red last pin

  martjc 15:11 30 Dec 2005

...but on some motherboards it is difficult to tell which is pin 1. In this case you must look in the motherboard manual. It will tell you there.
Whatever you do, don't get pins 1 & 4 connected wrong way round - this could cause damage!

Lots o luck!

  pj123 15:20 30 Dec 2005

email me via the envelope and I will send you an excel file with the pinouts.

  DieSse 16:03 30 Dec 2005

WARNING - motherboards have different pin-outs. Not all are the layout of the connector pins. You MUST have the motherboard manual to tell you this.

If you don't have a manual, you will normally find one on the manufacturers site, or let us know the make and model numberand someone will try and find it for you.

As above - incorrect fitting can irreperably damage the mother board.

  DieSse 16:05 30 Dec 2005

Should read "Not all have the layout of the connector pins."

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 30 Dec 2005
  DieSse 23:36 30 Dec 2005

That may be the case or that particular Mboard - I have seen myself 4 different header versions. And I have in my stock two differently wired back panel assemblies. There just is no overal standard to refer to.

justbanksy emailed me the Mboard model ASUS A7N266-VM
for which the manual should be here click here

justbanksey - your builder should have the manual (I've never received a Mboard that hasn't!), and should have given it to you - ask why they haven't.

  DieSse 23:50 30 Dec 2005

Sorry - on the page I gave, in the top left boxes, you'll have to input the model number you gave, and the type of download. When you get there select the Manual tab - and choose the download you want.

  DieSse 23:51 30 Dec 2005

This may give it to you directly - apologies if it comes through in Chinese - it's their website!

click here#

  DieSse 23:53 30 Dec 2005

Whoo - wot a pain!!

On the last link, just select the Manual tab - and choose the English version.

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