USB computer to computer file transfer

  Air_Man 20:35 21 Apr 2006

I would like to transfer a large amount of data (20+ GB) from my laptop to my desktop. Is there a cable I can just "plug-and-play" or do I need something more sophisticated. I remember using "Laplink" many years ago, but I'm sure by now there must be something simpler. Both computers are Win XP Pro and up-to-date hardware wise. I am thinking a USB 2.0 cable of some sort. I really want PnP as one is a company machine and one a personal machine.


  woodchip 20:42 21 Apr 2006

This is what you need.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:44 21 Apr 2006
  ruskle 20:48 21 Apr 2006

I agree with Woodchip, I recently used one to transfer an awful lot of data beteeen two laptops and didn't experience any problems.
Must admit I bought mine from a retail outlet and paid a little bit more but it did it's job and was worth it.


  Terry Brown 20:51 21 Apr 2006

There are some small USB drives about that hold about 50gb of data, which might be the easiest way to copy files from your company(Legally ?) to your laptop.(or Visa-Versa)
You could also ask for your laptop to be added to the network, so you could copy files direct, or there are large USB drives (200gb +)for under £100(Very handy for backups). These just plug into the appropiate machine and copy or load data-assuming your company machine has not got a hardware /software copy protection system

  Air_Man 21:12 21 Apr 2006

Thanx everyone. Thought there must be something out there. No copy protection - all legal and above board. Its as boring as the fact that I have a big DB I am working on this weekend, and find my laptop screen a bit too small when I have a 19" CRT sat next to it!

Oh, BTW - Vive la CRT! its what corners were meant for ;-)

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