Is USB compatible with Windows 95?

  CurlyWhirly 18:17 26 Aug 2004

A friend of mine has a PC running Windows 95 with 64 mb memory and a Pentium 2 and he is on dial-up and he is hoping to upgrade from dial-up to the 512 kbps service as I think he stands a good chance of being able to get it as BT are scrapping the distance limits on the 512 kbps service on 6th September 2004.

I was just wondering IF he can get it would he be able to upgrade to broadband or his PC so old that he would have to upgrade his motherboard, processor, memory etc?
He said that he wants to upgrade as he has seen broadband in action and he wants to join the broadband train!
I have NO idea about Windows 95 as I have NEVER used it but I would take a guess that he has no chance with his present specs - am I right people?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:22 26 Aug 2004

W95B and C does have some USB support but IIRC it is somewhat patchy. However this site explains it better than I could ever hope here


  Dorsai 18:25 26 Aug 2004

If i remember win 95 was avaliable as version A and version B.

Version B had USB support. But I think that there was not the option up grade A to B, you had to buy B to start with.

But of course there is the option to ask the ISP he goes with if they can supply a PCI BB modem, and that way USB won't be an issue. As to which ISP's will supply one i don't know. THe friend might have to fork out for one himself.

As 98 is how old hat, he could try and buy himself a copy of 98.

But it would seem unlikly his 95 PC has USB to start with..So i would go the PCI BB modem route.

  pmjd 18:27 26 Aug 2004

The last OEM release of Win95 did have some compatibility with USB but the majority of versions won't. Have a look at the version of win95 in the system section of the control panel then do a bit of a web search and it should tell you.

Your friend doesn't have to get a USB modem to get broadband, the can hog resources anyway so might slow his computer down. Get an ethernet one instead and a cheap network card. This will allow BB to work perfectly on his old system with minimum fuss and minimal use of the computers resources.

Oh and at 64mb of ram an upgrade would do the system good. In the end it depends how much your friend wants to spend as his computer may not be up to running some of the latest players if he wants streaming audio or video.


  CurlyWhirly 18:28 26 Aug 2004

Thanks for your link - I am asking on my friends behalf because he isn't a forum member and to be honest he doesn't use his dial-up connection much as he finds it so slow!

When I go over his house next I will ask him what version he has as I haven't a clue as I didn't even know there was a Windows 95 B and C version!
He said that if he has to buy a new PC he probably won't bother which I feel is a shame as I am convinced that once he has broadband he will end up like me and be online a LOT more!

  CurlyWhirly 18:33 26 Aug 2004

I think he may have to go down the PCI modem route but surely running broadband on a PCI bus will be very slow or am I mistaken?
Also I can't see how he can buy a copy of Windows 98 as surely Microsoft have stopped supporting it unless you mean trying a search on e-bay?

p.s. I may be jumping the gun as perhaps he still won't be able to get broadband anyway as I was on the borderline of being able to get it and he lives over a mile from me!

  CurlyWhirly 18:39 26 Aug 2004

Thanks for this invaluable info in fact as I said before this is a truly fantastic forum and thanks again to ALL who have replied!
The ethernet/PCI modem route is possibly the one to go down as it avoids having to upgrade his PC.
This news will cheer him up no end assuming he CAN get broadband!
Finally I didn't know that a USB modem (like mine) can hog resources mind you I probably wouldn't notice it anyway as I have an AMD Athlon XP 3000+!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:15 26 Aug 2004

He is welcome to have my old copy of W98 wot I do not need.


  CurlyWhirly 19:17 26 Aug 2004

Really - I am not sure if this should be posted in this forum!
I am sure he would be most grateful as he is only a college student and hasn't much money!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:34 03 Sep 2004

you can get a usb supplement for windows 95 a versions but the drivers arn't installed so it doesn't really have that much compatibility why not upgrade to windows 98?.seem like you have the right spec.thanks.ben

  TBH1 00:22 04 Sep 2004

make sure its w98se if you go that rout - - there were still usb issues with w98

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