USB code 10 & code 28 errors?

  JasonH 10:05 28 May 2003

Hi there,

Has anyone got any pointers on what causes a code 10 and code 28 error when viewing an USB device in Device Manager..??

Device in question is an M-Audio Oxygen 8 midi controller. I installed the drivers and used the keyboard quite merrily for an afternoon. When I next turned on the the PC the device name had a yellow "!" next to it, with a code 10 error. Unistalling and reinstalling works while the PC is still on, but the next time it switch it on the same thing happens..? Code 10.

Occassionally, PC boots up and the Oxygen 8 is listed as an 'Unknown Device' with a code 28 error in device manager.

Particulars: Win98 SE, Athlon XP 2400 processor and 512DDR ram. Mobo escapes me at the moment.

I'd appreciate any pointers!



  AndySD 10:20 28 May 2003

Code 10
This code means that the device failed to start (for example, it is missing or is not working properly).

To resolve this error code, make sure the device is attached to the computer correctly. For example, make sure all cables are plugged in fully and that all adapter cards are plugged into their slots fully.

Code 28
This code means the device was not installed completely.

To resolve this error code, click the Driver tab in the device's properties and then click Change Driver to update the driver.

I suspect its the USB on the pc try going into the BIOS and see if you can Enable Legacy USB Devices.

  JasonH 11:07 28 May 2003

Thanks for that AndySD!

I'll post the mobo details when I get home from work.

I'm interested in your comments:
"I suspect its the USB on the pc try going into the BIOS and see if you can Enable Legacy USB Devices."

Like you suggested, I updated/reinstalled the drivers when I first saw the prob only for it to happen again.


  AndySD 11:20 28 May 2003

I believe the pc is trying to load the drivers before its inisalized the usb connection. I could be wrong though.

  JasonH 13:59 28 May 2003

Presumming you're right, is this something that can be moderated or controlled within the BIOS..?


  AndySD 14:39 28 May 2003

Yes ..look for something like legacy USB and Enable it.

  JasonH 15:01 28 May 2003

Thanks AndySD!!

Will have a look tonight.



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