usb chargers for pda and phone

  cyberpharmacist 02:45 17 Sep 2003

Hi All,

I am going on traveling and I am carrying my laptop with phone and pda. I am wondering if anyone knows of any places that sells usb charger for fujitsu loox pda and t68i moobile phone.

so all i have to carry is just the usb lead for the devices and one charger for the notebook.

many thanks.

  Ping Pong 07:10 17 Sep 2003

They are available at your local PCWorld for around £20.

  -pops- 07:24 17 Sep 2003

Are you convinced of the wisdom of doing this?

I would be very cautious about putting a strain on the USB port such as battery charging. This is not the intention of powered USB ports and it could represent quite a strain on their capabilities.

I have no figures to qualify this but I could easily imagine that the current drain on starting to recharge a pretty much flat battery could exceed the capacity of the 500mA available from the USB connection. Result - failure of the (non-repairable) fuse at the USB port.

  cyberpharmacist 12:25 17 Sep 2003


thanks for your advise, i have never thought of the possibility of blowing the fuse of the usb ports....

is there anywhere that i can find more information about this?

  -pops- 12:41 17 Sep 2003

Not sure but, I did do it once with unwise intermittent connecting of a Wacom pad. The USB port is totally dead. It is not too much a a problem as there are four more ports on the PCI card. It could be particularly difficult if you don't have extra ports (probable with a laptop).

Can't remember where it was I got the info as to what was likely to have happened but it may have been click here or similar.

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