Trevor-219868 20:59 07 Nov 2003

Win xp pro, on pent III chip.

When ever I plug in the card reader the PC freezes.
The only way out is to hold in the big button?. If I plug the reader in b4 boot up all is well.

Any ideas??

  graham√ 21:05 07 Nov 2003

Mine does too. I leave it plugged in. You can insert the media card, however.

  Trevor-219868 21:11 07 Nov 2003

That ok, but my USB port isat the rear of my PC

  Salinger 21:15 07 Nov 2003

One way around that is to get a Hub, but preferably a powered one.

  A_World_Maker 21:16 07 Nov 2003

Is windows loading enough usb hubs in Devices, and or is one of the usb hub drivers have a yellow exclaimation mark, or red mark alongside of it?

  graham√ 21:22 07 Nov 2003

See a previous thread, which is why I hesitate to make a statement! click here

Get a USB extension lead and leave it plugged in.

  Trevor-219868 21:45 07 Nov 2003

All great advice, many thanks.

I am showing four USB devices, Two USB root hubs and two VIA 5 or later universal host controllers.

All in good working order according to the device manager, the only proble is i only have three USB ports ,one in front two in back.

  graham√ 21:50 07 Nov 2003

There must be another USB port somewhere.

  A_World_Maker 21:53 07 Nov 2003

There is a difference between a Controller and a Hub. If you want to add more USB outlets, why not add a PCI card that offers more click here

  Trevor-219868 21:56 07 Nov 2003

sorry, just treble checked only three ports

  Trevor-219868 21:59 07 Nov 2003

great link WORLD MAKER and thanks.

But all i want to do is get the ports i have got working as they should.

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