USB camera and interference

  Ray5776 22:36 12 Nov 2005

Hi everyone, anyone got an answer to this one.
I have installed a webcam in my porch so that I can see who is at the door (Not secret or for security)
I have used a cheap webcam and connected it with a 5m active USB lead. It works fine most of the time then suddenly get a load of background noise (Hissing sounds) I cant stop the noise, and cant close the program not even using Cont Alt Del.
The only thing I can do is reboot.

  woodchip 22:42 12 Nov 2005

May be damp in connections or camera

  Skyver 22:44 12 Nov 2005

Is it connected directly to your PC, or via a powered hub?

  Ray5776 22:59 12 Nov 2005

Thanks for you suggestion Woodchip but I only put it in this morning so I would not think that is the trouble.
Skyver, It is connected via an unpowered hub, strange as it may seem if I connect it direct a USB port it wont work. What I mean is the hub does not have its own power supply it is powered by the pc.

  Skyver 23:01 12 Nov 2005

It may be that there isn't enough power getting through - see if you can beg/borrow/ just the first two, a powered USB hub.

  Ray5776 23:37 12 Nov 2005

Got back at last, sorry for the delay, I think it is a power suply thing, but arent they just tranformers that either work or dont.

  Skyver 23:40 12 Nov 2005

Given the length of cable, a good power supply is essential - your PC may not be able to provide the neccessary oomph on it's own. 500ma is the standard output from a USB port, it depends on the quality of the cable how much Resistance will sap that supply before it reaches your camera.

  woodchip 23:41 12 Nov 2005

If the USB Hub as got a Mains Adapter it may have failed. But they are dificult to test as some new ones now are switching so no power comes out unless there is a Load i.e Web Cam

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