USB Cable Modem and NetGear RangeMax Router

  Lord Slaine 17:57 01 Dec 2007


I own a Motorola SURFBoard SB4100 USB Cable Modem, that I have had for over 5 years now which connects me to the internet via my ISP (Was Telewest now Virgin)
I wanted to go wireless so I could connect a spare PC and my PS3 up so bought a NetGear RangeMax Next Wireless Router for Cable Modems
I fell at the first hurdle as on set, the instructions requested that I plug the ethernet cable that was in the modem into a LAN port....surprise surprise my modem connects to the PC via USB.
There is an ethernet port on the modem and I do have an Intel(R) PRO/1000 PL Network Adapter.
I have connected these two but it eventually tells me that I have little to no connectivity via this route which means that I can wire in my router and have to resort to USB connection to get the internet etc.
I even had both plugged in at some point but the router setup suggested that I had a static IP address and I don't, I use DHCP (Well ISP does) so I still can't get set up.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to ease a troubled mans mind.


  Ashrich 20:12 01 Dec 2007

I think you have to power down everything for about 10 minutes first of all , as the cable modem associates itself with the MAC address of your PC , it must be turned off for a while to allow it to " forget " the association . Connect everything together via the ethernet cable ( modem to router , router to PC ) then power up the modem first , allow it to settle and re-find the internet , the do the same for the router , then the PC . Open a browser and type in to the address bar ( usual Netgear address ) and configure from there , hopefully that should do it without the need for USB .


  Strawballs 23:05 01 Dec 2007
  Lord Slaine 14:13 02 Dec 2007

Strawballs and Ashrich

Thank you for your replies.

I pwered everything down last night, and this morning, i connected my SURFborad USB Cable Modem to the PC via the Ethernet ports instead of teh USB and it looks like I have network connection, hence the reply.

I am now about to delve into the heady world of router configuration to see if I can get it communicating that way. Hopefully I will reply soon to say all is working.

Thanks for the help so far

  Ashrich 14:28 02 Dec 2007

If you need any further help you know where to come back to ...


  Lord Slaine 19:49 02 Dec 2007

Well Ashrich

I give up, my hands are in the air or cradling my head.

After getting connectivity via the modem using ethernet and not USB, I decided to try to install my Router following the set CD that NetGear send.

Everything was going as planned until it came time to reboot the modem. I could tell by the light configuration that something was amiss
Firstly I thought the fears misguided as the setup CD found that I was using a dynamic IP, but when I clicked on Next to update the settings, it chugged along only to tell me an error has occured and I can't get it to work, no matter what I shutdown first or last or how long I leave it. As long as the modem ethernet port is going into the internet port on the router the light configuartion goes screwy. for some reason the power light will not stay on and it will not find a network to continue the configuration. Any guidance is greatly appreciated, otherwise modem, router and even PC will be flying out of the window

Frustrated Al

  Ashrich 22:02 02 Dec 2007

Before you do anything else , do a reset on the router by finding the little reset hole on the back of the router , and with it still plugged into the mains , press something small and pointed into the hole and hold for about 15 to 20 seconds , that will reset it to factory conditions , the do the power down routine again , as I explained in my other post to you .

Done that ? Great , on to the nest bit then .

Ok , forget the CD for now , let's have a go manually . First of all , did you follow the instructions regarding the connections ? Modem to wireless router ( WAN port ) wireless router to PC ( port 1 to ethernet port on back of PC ) , if that is all connected then open your browser and type into the address bar and press enter , that will take you to the log in page in the router ( user name and password will either be " admin and admin , or admin and password )

There will probably be a wizard that will try to find your internet connection , let it run .
When the wizard has found the connection ( assuming it does ) the next port of call is the wireless section . Make sure the wireles is turned on , it can be toggled on and off in the routers set up , then do a search with the PS3 to see if the Netgear SSID is showing , if it is , try connecting to it .

If that works Ok , then the next stage is to set some wireless security , preferably WPA , use a good long mixture of numbers and letters , upper and lower case ( and write it down , you'll need it later ) Next , there will be a button to save the settings , this will do a soft reboot on the router , let it do that , and when it has finished , see if your main PC can connect to the internet , if that works , do another scan with the PS3 and see if that can get on as well .


  Ashrich 22:04 02 Dec 2007

That should say " next " bit ....


  Lord Slaine 00:28 03 Dec 2007

Hi Ashrich

well i am totally confused now.
I did as you suggested, resetting the router, powering everything off etc, only to go back to square one. i.e Modem on has three lights on, no power light, no activity light.

I turned on my PS3, and searched for a wireless connection. It found it straight away but failed at the last hurdle, largely because I knew I did not have intenet connection via the PC.

Anyhow, I had been looking about the Netgear logon page when in desperation i simply turned off the modem.
I then powered it back on, within 20 secs and although the light configuration appears a bit screwy it appears to work, I have loaded up a few web sites and all is as it should be.
I guess I now need to configure some security

Thanks for your time, insights and help, much appreciated
Hang in there as I may come back with more questions


  Ashrich 20:51 03 Dec 2007

Al , what a palaver , still , it seems to be working for you at the moment , don't you just love/hate these things !! I'll check back on a regular basis , just in case ......


  Lord Slaine 22:01 05 Dec 2007


Tell me about it
You'll be pleased to hear that I managed to get my daughter's PC connected to the router via a USB Wirelass Adapter, also from NetGear almost seamlessly !!!!! Very odd
Still a good end to the wireless saga

Cheers and thanks for sticking with it

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