USB Bluetooth - Device Ejection...

  daba 14:22 06 May 2006

A couple of questions from a novice Bluetooth user....

I get the "Unsafe Removal of Device..." warning boxes appear most times when the USB Bluetooth adaptor is PLUGGED IN, not every time though. Sometimes more than 1 warning box appears together. Could this be because Windows now can't find the previously connected Bluetooth devices ?.

I get no error if I UNPLUG the bluetooth adaptor, and I have no "Unplg/Eject" icon in the sys tray when it is plugged in. Could this be because the adaptor itself is not considered to be a device that warrants Windows warnings, but the connected devices are ?. Although when I have devices connected via Bluetooth, there still isn't an "Unplug/Eject" Icon showing.

I use Win 2K Pro, and BlueSoleil connection software. Can anyone recommend something better than BlueSoleil ?

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