USB Band width "exceeded" And Tiscali..

  AllZwell 17:50 05 Jul 2006


I got Tiscali up and running a couple of days ago, however, when I started my (USB) web cam up, I was told by a promt: "USB Bandwidth exceeded" when clicking on the "bubble" I got this explanation: I got 10% & 15 % reserved on my pci.hcd USB's and anmassive 79% on the **USB ADSAL WAN Adapter** - which is neede for intertent connection I assume. Surely, something not right here?

Any help appreciated

  Jackcoms 18:15 05 Jul 2006

Are you trying to use the same USB port for both the webcam and Tiscali modem?

If so, the modem needs a port of its own.

If you have no spare ports you will need to use a powered USB hub.

  AllZwell 18:20 05 Jul 2006

Hi Jack

No its just in the back were the other modem (Speedtouch) was in. No probs with that, and that modem worked with Tiscali as well... should I revert to Speed touch modem??

  Jackcoms 18:44 05 Jul 2006

It's Jackcoms, not Jack.

Are you using the Sagem Fast 800-840 modem?

I'm using that one and bandwidth used is only 33% and power requirement is 400mA.

It may be a faulty modem.

  AllZwell 19:00 05 Jul 2006

Yes, sagem


  AllZwell 00:08 06 Jul 2006

I've put the speedtouch modem back now, and everything is ok - a little faster perhaps


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