USB ADSL Modem Problem

  charlieday1 19:46 30 Apr 2007


Well not a problem as such more that I really don't understand and really need a bit of help!

Basically I have a BT Voyager 105 modem which works fine with my PC no problem, but now I have a new Dell laptop from work and this wont connect. Now it's not the laptop as if I connect straight to the phone line on dial up it works (though be it too slow to be able to use), just not through the modem.

I think the reason is that the laptop only accepts from the network cable connection and my modem only accepts the USB-B cable. I tried to see if you could get a cable with the two different ends but it would seem not. Does anyone know if there is any way around this?

I'm sorry if I've used the wrong words or have not made sense, I'm really at my wits end with this one and am hoping there is an answer!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read and hope you can help!


  Kate B 19:49 30 Apr 2007

What's your OS? If it's Vista, that modem almost certainly won't work with it.

  charlieday1 20:01 30 Apr 2007


Its Windows Xp.


  mocha 20:02 30 Apr 2007

If you are using USB to connect to a modem you need to install the software that your ISP gave you. If your modem accepts a network cable and is connected to the computer via Network cable then this software is not needed.

  skidzy 20:11 30 Apr 2007

Is this the cable click here

  charlieday1 20:13 30 Apr 2007

hi Skidzy, yes thats the cable that works between my modem and my desktop but not with my laptop.

  skidzy 20:24 30 Apr 2007

Let me see if i can get this correct:

You are disconnecting the modem from the pc and trying to connect the modem to the laptop using the modem usb lead ?

Im a little confused,why you cannot connect the modem with the usb lead,does the small end connect to the modem leaving you the normal usb to be connected.

  skidzy 20:25 30 Apr 2007

Just a thought,the laptop does have usb ports...dont it !

  charlieday1 20:31 30 Apr 2007

ok I'll try and use the right language(thanks to Google images!).

The modem has a cable with the rj45 end in the modem and the phone bit which goes to my phone line and another cable which has the usb-b end in the modem and the usb-a end in my pc - this all works fine.

To connect my laptop Im taking the USB-A end out of my pc and putting it in my laptop but it does not detect it, someone at work says it would only work with a network cable but there is no hole for that in the modem...

  charlieday1 20:31 30 Apr 2007

yeah it has 4 ports, i've checked them all with a USB mouse so I know the ports do work

  skidzy 20:37 30 Apr 2007

Once you have connected this cable to the laptop,do you get any lights on the modem ?

Also have you loaded the software before you connect the modem as the modem will need drivers to work.

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