Les 18:13 24 Oct 2007

My two front USB sockets has suddenly stopped working - the rear ones are OK. I've tried restarting the computer, also switching off and then starting again - to no avail.

Anyone had this happen and know of a reason, I can only think of loose connections - but why should this be?

  Les 18:15 24 Oct 2007

I should have added that my 'dongle' works fine in the front sockets. Curious!

  Totally-braindead 18:20 24 Oct 2007

It might be loose connections but I have seen the front USB ports failing on a few PCs. Sometimes they fail for no reason I can see and sometimes its because they've been overloaded.
If they are gone then the only thing you can do is either get a USB hub and use that to connect to the rear and give you some front ports, thats the cheapest and easiest or buy a USB PCI card that fits into a PCI slot to give you more USB slots at the rear and if you buy one with front USB connection on it then connect the ones on your case to that.

Theres a few other things you can try first though. Go to device manager and remove all mention of USB from the computer and restart it, windows will reload all the drivers. If that fails ( and I know this sounds odd but it does work in many cases ) switch off the PC. Unplug the power cable from the back and then either leave it half an hour or hold in the power button on the front for about 30 - 45 seconds. Then reconnect and start as normal.

  Totally-braindead 18:22 24 Oct 2007

I typed all that and its a complete waste of time. If the dongle works then your front USB is working at least in the front socket you plugged the dongle into.
SO what do you mean when you say they don't work as they obviously do?

  Les 18:31 24 Oct 2007

Firstly, thanks for the quick reply.

I have a pair of USB headphones. My nest door neighbour's lad plugged these into one of the front USB's as he always does. however, this time they were not working - he immediately thought that they had become muted and, on looking in the Control Panel we found that this was not so. I do have a USB Hub and have tried the 'phones in one of those sockets and they (the 'phones) do work. I have tried more than one 'dongle' in each of the two front sockets and they work fine.

  Totally-braindead 18:39 24 Oct 2007

I think either its an audio setting that is mucked up or the sound software has become corrupted somehow and may need reinstalled.

Its not the USB, they are clearly ok as the dongles work. Its something to do with the sound settings.

  Totally-braindead 18:41 24 Oct 2007

Did the headphones come with a software disk? If so try reinstalling that first.

  Les 19:21 24 Oct 2007

No, the headphones are Logitek and apparently I have no disk - I keep all bought software disks in a pouch - there isn't one there so must assume that there wasn't one.

It's very curious that they work from the USB Hub (connected to one of the four rear sockets) and not the front - considering that the front work with other devices. If the USB driver was corrupted then I would think that they wouldn't work at all.

I had thought of a loose connection to the front sockets as this lad is 'awkward' - he could well have used excessive pressure - knowing him. But then, if that was so, why do the 'dongles' work Ok.

I have recently (yesterday) installed Photp Elements program - I wonder if this program 'looks' at these front sockets ? I've never heard of such a thing but I wonder if it is do? If I have to uninstall the program to check this I will. But, surely the 6 USB sockets are attached to a common circuit and what affects one affects another?

  Les 19:25 24 Oct 2007

I Have just checked the USB Drivers in Device Manager - this says that they are all working perfectly.

  Les 23:38 24 Oct 2007

I suspected Photo Elements originally caused the trouble as the trouble didn't exist before installing it yesterday. I have done a simple System Restore and then, on the computer having completed the restore the headphones now worked on the front USB sockets. However, Photo Elements didn't. I re installed it - this time I didn't allow it enter anything into the Start Menu. ReBooting confirmed that the front sockets are OK with the headphones again.

Thanks again for your help - we live and learn (but, in my case I forget all to easy <g>

  Totally-braindead 23:41 24 Oct 2007

I wonder if there is a setting somewhere under the sound options that allow you to differentiate between the front and rear USB since you say it works if you plug it into the rear one.
The front and the rear USB are seperate by the way, on some motherboards the front ones are only USB 1.1 whereas the rear can be USB 2.0. Therefore it is possible for the front ones to fail and the rear ones to work. This is not the case with you.

I repeat what I said earlier. The USB is working ok. If it wasn't they just wouldn't work. Therefore the problem is either a sound setting that enables the headphones to work or some sort of software issue with whatever software you use with the headphones.

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