USB 2.00 to EIDE cable any links please

  Ray5776 21:20 12 Oct 2006

Require USB 2.00 X EIDE cable, cheap as pos as allways, can anyone help on this one.


  ed-0 21:27 12 Oct 2006

click here

That any good?

  Totally-braindead 21:28 12 Oct 2006

Not being funny here but does such a thing exist and if so what would you use it for? Only reason I ask is I've never heard of one.

  Totally-braindead 21:30 12 Oct 2006

Ah ed-o answered it before I posted, very interesting, I've not seen one before.

  DieSse 21:35 12 Oct 2006

Every external drive caddy does this (except the ones for SATA drives or Firewire.

click here

and just about everywhere else too.

  Ray5776 21:40 12 Oct 2006

as a matter of interest I wish to use it to connect a spare HDD to other machines easily, I know you will say usb caddy but I have had probs in the past with them and thought direct cable might be the solution.

  Ray5776 21:51 12 Oct 2006

Looks like another caddy then if they are the same price as a lead but I have had 2 (Caddies)in the past that have either not worked at all or failed within a few weeks hence the cable idea.
Perhaps I was just unlucky.

Thanks anyway,


  DieSse 21:58 12 Oct 2006

They work in the same way (necessarily, as there is only one way the conversion can be made) so there is no real difference between them. I've had good functioning external caddies for some time, so they're not inherently unreliable in my experience.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:35 12 Oct 2006

click here

for a good explanation of these devices.

Just used the one described to copy data from my old works laptop to my new works laptop by removing old drive and coupling to new laptop usb port.

  Ray5776 22:35 12 Oct 2006

I understand your point, I was unfortunate with my experience of external caddies I do not consider it to be the norm.
The reason I require the cable rather than the external caddy I will try to explain if it makes any sense.
I have 2 internal caddy bays and 3 slot in HDDs in their appropriate holders all of which work fine.
If I use an external USB caddy as suggested I will only be able to use it as a USB device or physically remove the drive and put it into an EIDE caddy.

If you follow this so far, if I have to boot (or want to boot)from an external USB caddy I will have to configure the machine to boot from USB device instead of just switching between hard drives.

Any better ideas welcome.


  Ray5776 22:38 12 Oct 2006

Forgot to say, the eide cable will plug straight into the back of the carrier without removing the drive.

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