USB 2,0 to SATA/IDE cable

  adamjones 11:13 01 May 2008

I purchased a cable the other day so that i could retrieve some data from an old hard drive, i installed it but am unable to locate it on my computer. Checked device manager and the device is installed and working properly but cannot locate it.

Can anyone help.

  Ditch999 11:16 01 May 2008

Do you have the power cable connected as well as the USB cable? Is it an ATA or SATA drive? What OS is it?

  adamjones 11:18 01 May 2008

The power cable is connected, its an IDE drive, im running Vista but the operating system on the old drive is XP.

  Ditch999 11:23 01 May 2008

Did the cable come with drivers and are they compatible with Vista and installed?

  adamjones 11:27 01 May 2008

Doesnt state wether it is compatiable with Vista but it auto installed

  Ditch999 11:31 01 May 2008

If you have an IDE connector on your motherboard and want to transfer files I would connect the IDE drive to it as a slave and get them that way. Make sure PC is fully switched off first.
Do you know what the XP drive is formatted as ie FAT or NTSF and what size is it?
What make/model is that cable?

  Ditch999 11:38 01 May 2008

Vista SP1 may have a fix for this problem. Have you installed it?

  adamjones 16:54 01 May 2008

i have tried it on a different pc with XP operating system and have the same problem.

any further tips

  Ditch999 17:01 01 May 2008

If its not working on a different PC then chances are it is either
1 The cable
2 The HDD
3 The drivers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 01 May 2008

1. Is old IDE drive jumpers set to master? Needs to be master for these adaptors

2. does the drive spin up whenpower attached?

3. Go into disk management can you see the drive there?

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