USb 2.0 Not recognised

  Lerm 08:33 17 Jan 2008

I have an aged PC, the motherboard is an ASUStek A7V333.

There has been a known issue from its inception with the BIOS in not being able to recognise USB 2.0, even though it has the ability. I have updated the BIOS (the first time since having the PC for almost five years, using the ASUS Live Update) thinking that might solve the problem. It hasn't.

In Device Manager the USB controller lists 'VIA USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller'. However, when plugging in a flash drive or whatever, XP (SP2 up-to-date) tells me I only have 1.0 and 'that it can run faster. Check your system for USB 2.0'. I do so and it tells me my computer does not have it. In clear contradiction to what the Device Manager is telling me.

I have trawled the Net for a solution, a patch for the BIOS because one site says you need to enter the CMOS utility to check that it is set to either '1.0&2.0' or 'Enhanced' as the case may be, but I cannot enter my CMOS utility! I have gone into my BIOS and there is no page or sub menu for that. And I have searched everywhere. Please tell me where I must look to make sure I am looking in the right place for it. I have tried every option in 'Advanced' in the BIOS and cannot enter my CMOS utility. Where on the Advanced page must I enter to do so? Is there a patch I can download to solve this problem? Because I swear I do not have the ability with my BIOS to enter CMOS.

The reason is, due to the circumstances of where we are right now, my ADSL modem is connected via the USB port. Now if it is only 1.0 then that creates a potential bottleneck. Putting aside the ....*** that is Talk Talk, my wife is unable to enter Paypal especially, it simply will not load and some sites take an eternity to load up hanging at some ad site download or other (reading info on left of bottom Toolbar when loading) that they are drawing data from, or simply not loading at all. We have never had this problem with any other internet provider we have had. A USB 2.0 connection might at least speed up the snails pace connection a tad.

I have an Nvidia 6200 graphics card with up-to-date drivers (unfortunately a hard locked version with a passive heat sink) and most other sites load up fast enough. I have X-treme drivers which have made a noticeable improvement to the card over the vanilla Nvidia ones so I do not beleive the card is the issue. While the connection speed reads 10Mbps. I can only think the USB problem is causing a partial bottleneck (I have no Ethernet connection on my PC, which is recommended). Thanks.

  xania 08:51 17 Jan 2008

Have you considered installing an ethernet PCI card - you can pick then up for as little as £6 on Ebay.

  Lerm 09:10 17 Jan 2008

Thanks xania. It is an option I suppose, but right now a last resort. I know one can be picked up from Play for just over a fiver but is there no other solution other than to have to throw more money at the problem? The motherboard is USB 2.0 compliant, the Device Manager tells you that you have an Enhanced USB controller but XP says you do not have a High Speed Port on the PC. I did read somewhere that Microsoft did release a patch for this problem in XP then for some reason I cannot find, they pulled the patch from the site. This is going back a bit, I think.

  Technotiger 09:20 17 Jan 2008

Perhaps the info here might help, or give you a pointer ...
click here

  Diemmess 09:23 17 Jan 2008

For BIOS read CMOS and vice versa.

Aged motherboards even with a BIOS update may be unable to manage USB.2

Like xanias's advice I would suggest a PCI-USB2 card. Such a card is cheap and usually has 4 USB ports.
Your "aged" mobo unlike current mobos should have several spare PCI slots.

Your existing USB ports are fine for printers and similar devices, which don't require loads of data all at a rush!

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