USB 2.0 install advice needed

  golfpro 07:51 29 Oct 2004

I have purchased a Digitus USB 2.0 PCI add-on card for my PC. I think I read somewhere, maybe on this forum That it was necessary to install the drivers from the included CD, before installing the card itself, is this so.

  MAJ 08:19 29 Oct 2004

I installed a PCI USB2 card last week after upgrading my PC and re-installing XP + SP2, it didn't need the drivers. But originally (before upgrade and addition of SP2) it did need the drivers on XP. Sisoft Sandra is reporting it as USB2 (I have no USB2 Periperals at the moment) so SP2 must have had the drivers for it.

  MAJ 08:20 29 Oct 2004

Mine was not a "Digitus USB 2.0 PCI add-on card" though, it was a "Trust" (manufacturer).

  ICF 08:20 29 Oct 2004
  recap 09:23 29 Oct 2004

The advice I read on installing my new 2.0 card was to install the drivers first. I did this but the system did not recognise the card at all. I ended up installing the card first then the drivers. Everything works fine now.

  iscanut 09:25 29 Oct 2004

If using Win XP, I think support for USB2 is already there and you do not need to install drivers.

  golfpro 10:23 29 Oct 2004

Thanks for the replies, their's just one more thing. I haven't opened the back of the PC yet, is there a separate slot for the new card along side the old USB card (two sockets), or would I have to exchange old for new, although I can't see from the outside any external slots for the four USB 2.0 sockets accept the unused ones under my modem slot. I have a three year old (approx) Compaq Presario PC and running XP home,

  MAJ 10:35 29 Oct 2004

You should have a spare PCI slot (white in colour) that the new card will fit into, if not, then you'll have to free one up, by taking out the old PCI USB1.1 card (if it is a PCI USB1.1 card) card.

  MAJ 10:38 29 Oct 2004

I suspect though that your present USB slots are integrated into the motherboard (and are not a PCI card), so you wont be able to remove them.

  golfpro 11:38 29 Oct 2004


If that is the case, where do I stick it, (for want of a better expression)

  crimbo 11:44 29 Oct 2004

Just slot it into a spare PCI slot, and if you have Sevice Pack 2 for XP installed, it wil be detected when you reboot your PC.

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