USB 2.0 Hub

  dogbreath1 12:43 06 Jul 2006

I'm looking for a powered USB2 hub with say, four sockets. Any reccies you guys please?

Thanks in advance.


  Flying Teddy 12:53 06 Jul 2006

Belkin F5U021 works for me...

  Stuartli 13:06 06 Jul 2006

Have you also considered a PCI version?

My Sunix USB2.0 four port PCI card cost about £10 and saves having to use a power supply for a USB hub (or would do if I hadn't connected my USB1.1 powered hub to one of the PCI card's ports)..:-)

  woodchip 13:14 06 Jul 2006
  dogbreath1 14:12 06 Jul 2006

Thanks for all of the replies. One problem I have is updating a Road Angel. My existing USB ports don't supply enough power to get the job done. I need to connect the device to a 12V supply to enable me to synchronise it's on-board database with that of a server. I am hoping that I can obtain a hub which will supply enough power to complete the process without having to 'power up' each time.

Also, over the years, I have acquired and use quite a few USB devices which has meant using up the two USB sockets on the front of my machine, so when I need to use a pen drive, I've got to disconnect another device first.

Does any of the above colour your responses??

  woodchip 14:14 06 Jul 2006

If you look at the bottom of the speck I posted in the link You will see it as a Free Mains Adapter

  dogbreath1 14:18 06 Jul 2006

Cheers woodchip.

  Flying Teddy 16:07 06 Jul 2006

Perhaps I don't fully understand the situation, but as far as I am aware, each USB port should be capable of supplying 500mA. The mains adapter mentioned in woodchip's otherwise excellent post seems only to supply a total of 1500mA between 7 ports. This will probably be OK if you only pull full power from 1 or 2 ports, but if you need more, then the adapter supplied may start to wilt!

As corroboration, my Belkin adapter supplies 2100mA for 4 ports....

  Stuartli 17:31 06 Jul 2006

The extra 100mA will be a reserve I would imagine.

500mA is normally the limit for each port.

  dogbreath1 18:12 06 Jul 2006

No, I think that you do understand the's just that I suspect that my USB sockets do not supply 500mA.

Stuartli's Belkin sounds favourable at the mo unless someone comes along soon with something a good deal better.

Thanks again (all) for your help.


  dogbreath1 18:56 06 Jul 2006

Having now listened to a number of opinions from various places and read a good few reviews, I have opted for a Trust 420A 4 Port USB2 Hub @ £11.73 (inc del).

The linear nature of the sockets will be useful...but time will tell whether it was a good choice.

Thanks again for taking the time to post.

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