USB 2.0 Drive

  Hrosir 09:30 04 Sep 2005

I have just aquired a USB 2Gb drive to store photos on. The drive is recognized but when I try to remove files and then format the drive, I find that I can only format using FAT32 and as I am using a pc running Windows XP Proffesional. I find this odd as I expected the drive to be formated using the same file system. Also, a 100mb file can take nearly 15 minutes to copy, any ideas please before I send it back

  bremner 09:45 04 Sep 2005

From where are you trying to Format - DOS, My Computer or Disk Management.

Does your motherboard support USB2 or do you have an add-in PCI card?

  Hrosir 09:53 04 Sep 2005

I have used the format facility in My Computer,perhaps this should be done from the command line in RUN. I have a BELKIN PCI card installed in addition to the onboard USB 2 ports. The drive is connected to the PCI card at the moment. The Motherboard has built in usb 2 support.

  bremner 10:10 04 Sep 2005

Once the drive is connected right click on My Computer and choose Manage.

Then choose Disk management.

The USB drive should be shown. In the lower panel click on the right of the section relating to the drive and choose Format - see if that gives you the option to choose NTFS.

If not then you could choose to Delete Partition and then re partition and format.

  Hrosir 10:42 04 Sep 2005

I have found the format option as you suggested and formated the drive but I cannot find the option to repartition as yet. I am in the computer management section and the panel informs me that the partition is basic and in FAT32 format

  bremner 11:06 04 Sep 2005

Did you not have the option to Format as NFTS?

  Hrosir 11:14 04 Sep 2005

There is one point I sem to have ommited and that is that the drive is a removable one ie flash drive type as opposed to hard disc, I dont know if this is relevant or not. Files do load and are removable but would nfts make any difference? to performance, sorry about the stupid questions but I have never used this type of storage before

  bremner 11:19 04 Sep 2005

Yes very relevant.

For flash drives there is a process to enable them to be formatted NTFS.

Connect it up.

In My Computer right click on the device and choose properties.

Choose Hardware.

In the All Disk Drives choose the device and click Properties

Choose Policies tab and then click on the Optimise for performance button. OK and exit

Go back to My Computer and right click on the device and choose Format, in the File System drop down you should now have NTFS.

You must remember to ALWAYS use the Safely Remove Hardware icon to disconnect this device from then on.

  DieSse 16:04 04 Sep 2005

A 2Gb flash drive I would recommend you leave formatted as FAT32. It will mean the you can use the drive on other systems with no problems. There are no disadvantages to leaving it so on a small drive like this. In fact NTFS may lessen the capacity a little.

  bremner 16:19 04 Sep 2005

I agree that you will not be able to use it on a FAT32 system - but the facility exists in formatting it NTFS to choose the cluster size and therfore it can actually increase the amount of usable space.

  DieSse 17:02 04 Sep 2005

NTFS needs more system space tho', and on a small drive that can matter.

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