USB 2 Query

  Legolas 18:24 06 Apr 2004

I have a new scanner that informs me every time I switch it on that it can run on USB2 but because I only have USB1 it is restricted to a slower speed.

I am beginning to feel sorry for the poor scanner not being allowed to run at its full potential so how do I upgrade to USB2

  Patr100 19:14 06 Apr 2004

You probably won't notice much difference with the scanner with USB2 but what you would need if you do upgrade is a USB2 PCI card to fit ina spare PCI slot.The speed differenc is more useful with say, an externAL hard disk. You can get a 4 port PCI card for less than a tenner from example: click here

with older Pcs particularly you need to install the software that comes with the card.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:37 06 Apr 2004

I use the same model of scanner on a USB2 enabled computer and on a USB1 computer....there appears to be no speed difference using similar sized images. ( the scanner has a USB2 connection) Emporer's+new+clothes;-)))


  Djohn 19:52 06 Apr 2004

Legolas. As above, you probably won't notice any difference in speed but it is there. USB2 will allow the data to be transferred at a much higher speed but the actual scan speed will be determined by the engine of the scanner. j.

  cdb 20:10 06 Apr 2004

can any pc be upgraded to usb2 or does it depend on the motherboard?

  spuds 20:20 06 Apr 2004

More info on USB click here click here [Mr Langa]

  Patr100 20:36 06 Apr 2004

Any PC running win98se and above should be upgradable regardless of the motherboard if you use a PCI card and the card manufacturer's drivers. Recently motherboards have USB2 rather than USB1 built in.

  Djohn 20:40 06 Apr 2004

Think it applies from 98 on-wards but has Patr100 says, "with drivers" but you also need the driver with XP unless XP has got SP1 or SP1a included.

  Legolas 10:02 07 Apr 2004

Thanks for all the replies.
The consensus of opinion appears to be that there is no speed gain whither I use USB1 OR USB2 so I will probably not bother so thanks for saving me a few bob us studends need to save all the money we can ;-)

  Legolas 10:03 07 Apr 2004

We also need to learn how to spell

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