usb 2 powered hub

  Daiol 20:03 30 Aug 2008

Good eve to all.As you all know we have a number of gadgets attatched to our computers via usb 2 cables.Been looking around sites pc world etc for maybe a usb 2 high speed powered hub maybe with 10 - 12 ports.Or would it be viable to have two 7 port hubs working side by side,any idea where i might pick something similar to what i'm looking for.Thanks all your forums are great help.daiol.

  crosstrainer 20:10 30 Aug 2008

If you are going for a desktop hub, choose a mains powered model.

USB 1 or USB 2 support is entirely dependent on your motherboard.

For a full check of what your model will support

click here

Run the free tool, which will tell you what your board will support.

  Stuartli 20:29 30 Aug 2008

My mobo's AMI Bios allows up to eight USB2.0 ports to be Enabled.

I would suggest that, with the USB ports you would already have on your system, a seven port powered USB2.0 hub would be enough, although not all devices will each use the maximum 500mAh supply.

Bit puzzled as to why you would really need so many ports...:-)

  crosstrainer 20:33 30 Aug 2008

The more USB PSU devices you add to any system, the more load you place on the PSU.

Self powered models are alway's the option. We sell lot's, and I refuse to sell those which draw power from the mobo.

As to why 7 ...........?

  Daiol 21:05 30 Aug 2008

Thankyou all for replies i ran the belaric system and the results for the board were as follows ::
Board: ECS M825G 1.0
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. Version 07.00T 04/02/01
Does that make any sence to you,and yes i would be looking for a powered hub from the mains.Now regarding what 'crosstrainer' said about my mother board would the above info be useful to you to suggest a one of 7 port mains powered usb 2 hub and if yes where would be the ideal place to purchase one?.thanks.

  Covergirl 21:33 30 Aug 2008

. . . . whichever way you read the date.

If (like me) it turns out to be USB I, I bought a USB 2 PCI card and it gave me 3 extra USB2 ports into which I plugged a 4 port powered usb2 hub.

Everything fine for 4 years so far, but I once had a few exposed USB ends - a couple touched and overheated slightly.

  crosstrainer 21:47 30 Aug 2008

As Covergirl has stated, it's old spec (no offence intended) So a powered hub is the way to go.

USB 2 will not be available on your system, but most new USB devices are backwards compatible.

IE: they will work with a USB 1 Config.

  Daiol 22:05 30 Aug 2008

Looking at the answers that i have had from you all the end result is that my pc is only running usb 1 am i correct in thinking that so,and if that is so will a 7 port usb 2 mains powered do the job i want it to do,How can i check that my pc is running usb 1 i was under the impression that it was usb 2,Help please.

  crosstrainer 22:09 30 Aug 2008

As long as you buy a mains powered hub (USB 2 is what you will be sold anyway) then you will be fine.

If your Motherboard supports USB 2 then this will be detected and used automatically

  woodchip 22:17 30 Aug 2008

PSU! not if he uses a Mains power adapter to power the Hub

  woodchip 22:20 30 Aug 2008

You can fit a PCI USB2 Card, if you have a Spare slot this can have may be another 5 USB four ex and one internal. But this would put extra strain on the PSU

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