USB 2 hubs

  possum66 13:18 07 Sep 2005

I have a PC running XP Home.It is set up for USB2. I have a 2unit set that works with USB2 and into it is connected a 4 gang USB hub. This works with USB1 but not 2. Is their a difference between the hubs for 1 and 2 please.

  ACOLYTE 13:31 07 Sep 2005

I think they work on the same principle as USB slots on the pc,so if its a USB 1 slot it wont run at USB 2 instead it defaults to USB 1.

  jack 13:51 07 Sep 2005

USB 1 and 2 compatable wth each other both ways
you will not notice the difference.

  Jackcoms 14:01 07 Sep 2005

But if you plug a USB 1 device into a USB 2 socket the device will still only perform at the slower USB 1 speeds.

  Jackcoms 14:03 07 Sep 2005

And, equally, if you plug a USB 2 device into a USB 1 socket that device will only perform at the slower USB 1 speeds!!

  woodchip 14:30 07 Sep 2005

A USB2 hub will run at USB1 if connected to a old 98 comp but a USB1 hub will not run as a USB2 fitted to ether a 98 or XP comp it will only work as USB1

  rose33 14:39 07 Sep 2005

You need a USB2 card. to run at USB2 speed. As JACKCOMS points out, USB2 will only run at USB1 speed off a USB1 card

  woodchip 14:46 07 Sep 2005

If the Hub only runs as a USB1 when connected to USB2, then you need a USB2 hub

  freaky 15:10 07 Sep 2005

I would add to this discussion by pointing out a Hub has it's own power supply. This offers the advantage of less drain on the PC's power supply.

If you are running a lot of USB items, then collectively they are drawing additional wattage from the PSU. If your PSU output is borderline, then you could get problems with the PSU's overload trip activating. A Hub would assist in avoiding this possibility.

  possum66 17:43 07 Sep 2005

Thanks to all the people who answered my query.It was a great help.

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