usb 2 high speed conection

  wyvern9 19:18 06 Sep 2005

my laptop tell's me l need a usb 2 high speed conection, have tried win updates and download .com to no avail

  Stuartli 19:26 06 Sep 2005

What are you connecting to it when the request appears?

  jack 19:33 06 Sep 2005

IF it was your desk top telling you this the simple answer would be get a USB2 PCI card.
USB capability is part of the MoBo and there for I would imagine there is no Download to sort it
Now laptop- take a look in MicroMart [comes out weekly on Thursdays]
All sorts of computing goodies and spares therein.
I would imaigine a pcima card or a usb2 to usb1
dongle could be a possibility.

  Eric10 19:38 06 Sep 2005

As jack has said, high speed USB 2 is a hardware device that your laptop either has or has not. It is not a software update. Look in Device Manager and if the word 'Enhanced' doesn't appear anywhere under USB then you only have USB 1.1. If you plug a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.1 port you will get a message saying something to the effect of 'a highspeed device is plugged into a low speed port' although the device should still work, albeit at the slower 1.1 speed. If you only have USB 1.1 you can get a PCMCIA to USB 2.0 adapter that will provide USB 2.0 to your laptop. click here for one example.

  Belatucadrus 19:38 06 Sep 2005

If your existing USB ports are USB1, then downloads aren't going to make them USB2, you'll need a USB2 adapter card like click here Is it worth it ? Depends what you're using it for.

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