USB 2 Help - confused

  Ian Clark 11:37 10 Aug 2007

Hi, There are lots of USB threads on USB 2 and so on. But I have not found the answer- but they have moved me along some!

I am having bandwidth issues pop ups and advice on connecting to a high speed for my ipod.

So, looking at the threads in here, I checked the USB controllers. I have two, Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller and Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller.

I downloaded SIW, and under USB it says my system is USB 1 and USB 2 supported.

When I click on the two controllers, the enhanced one has no devices attached, everything connects through the standard one. (properties, advanced)

How do I force the devices to connect through the enhanced controller? is it dependant on which USB port I connect to? I have 2 at the front, 4 at the back. If it is dependant on the port, how do I tell (other than trial and error) which are USB 2 and which are USB 1? Cant beleive that the MB would have a selection of USB port standards though???

Finding this quite difficult to solve, I have disabled the standard controller, then no devices connect.....AGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Thansk in advance


  Stuartli 11:41 10 Aug 2007

Have you checked the Bios whether USB2.0 has been Enabled?

You may also have to enter how many USB2.0 ports are required/available.

  Ian Clark 11:43 10 Aug 2007

I have not checked the BIOS - will do so now!

How do I check it? ;o))

  Ian Clark 11:55 10 Aug 2007

i have looked in BIOS, and USB 1.1 + 2.0 is enabled (other options are disable or 1.1)


  keef66 12:18 10 Aug 2007

I have a mixture on my pc because it is 6 years old now. The original 4 ports attached directly to the motherboard are usb 1.1. I later added a usb 2.0 pci expansion card to give me 2 additional usb 2 ports at the back. I generally remember which ones these are, but if I forget, the only way of finding out is to plug in something like an Ipod and wait to see if it tells you the device could perform faster.

Last night I was doing a backup to an external usb HDD and it failed at the first attempt because I'd mistakenly plugged it into a 1.1 port.

  Ian Clark 12:36 10 Aug 2007


All my USB ports are from MB, dont have any PCI slots used except for graphics?

Really confused as the Enhanced USB host is PCI - USB???

Help Please?!?!?

  keef66 12:51 10 Aug 2007

I'm as baffled as you are then!
You could try this:-

remove (not disable) all the usb entries in device manager then reboot, the pc should find them again and either load, or ask you for, the relevant drivers.

If you have Windows XP SP2 then you should have all the drivers you need

You could also see if there's an updated motherboard chipset driver available (from mobo manufacturers website)

  DieSse 13:06 10 Aug 2007

USB 1.1 uses two speeds: LowSpeed (1.5 Mbps, app. 192 Kilobyte/sec) and FullSpeed (12 Mbps, app. 1,5 Megabyte/sec).

USB2 uses the USB1.1 speeds plus Hi-Speed, which is 480 Mbps (app. 61 Megabyte/seconde).

The actual speed of any device attached to a USB connector depends on the above - PLUS the device itself. If it's rated at USB2 Hi-Speed, then and only then will it run at 480Mbps when attached to a USB2 Hi-Speed port.

It can also depend on the cable, and cable length. cables rated at USB2 Hi-Speed should run at that speed - cables rated as USB, or unrated MAY run at higher speeds, and may not (it depends how well the cable has been constructed).

Extended cables may struggle to run at Hi-Speed whatever they are rated at.

What are the actual messages you get?

  DieSse 13:09 10 Aug 2007

PS - I have seen motherboards where the rear (straight onto the motherboard) ports are USB2 - but the front ports are USB1.1 - either because the internal connectors for the front ports are only USB1.1 rated, or the cabling to them is of very poor quality.

What is your motherboard model?

  Ian Clark 13:20 10 Aug 2007

Motherboard (from SIW) NF-MCP61

I have devices plugged in front and rear with same results.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 10 Aug 2007

click here

Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller means you have USB2.

1 controller operates on 2 ports

each port only has 500mA availble so don't put power hungry things like scanners and hard drives on the same shared port.

each controler has a certain bandwith, so again things tht require large bandwidth should be spread to a "non shared" port


if you have 6 ports use ports 1 3 5 for heavy power or bandwidth items

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