USB 2 compatability

  boon_intheuk 15:37 06 Sep 2008

Just a quick one, my brother wants to get an external harddrive or USB stick to back up his photos, but he is worried that new items like this are USB 2 and his older computer has USB 1.1 ports, are the items with USB 2 connection backwardly compatable to USB 1.1?

  Quiet Life 15:38 06 Sep 2008


  woodchip 15:39 06 Sep 2008

Is he using 98se or WinME?

  boon_intheuk 15:39 06 Sep 2008


  woodchip 15:43 06 Sep 2008

Then if he as a Spare PCI white slot get a PCI USB2 card

  boon_intheuk 15:47 06 Sep 2008

Quiet life = Yes it is backwardly compapable.
Woodchip = Get a USB 2 card.

conflicting advice?

Anyone with a tie breaker? ;)

  woodchip 15:50 06 Sep 2008

This one click here then he can use USB2 drives etc

  tullie 15:51 06 Sep 2008

Just use what youe got,no need for extra expense.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 06 Sep 2008

conflicting advice?

by fitting a USB 2 card the pen drives external drives etc. will work at the speed intended 10x faster than plugging into a USB1.1 port.

A Usb card with 4 or five ports will cost approx £8 and take 5 mins to fit.

  woodchip 15:51 06 Sep 2008

on the card there is a Internal USB slot so you can connect it to front USB2

  boon_intheuk 16:02 06 Sep 2008

Ok, so he can use what he has, but if he wants USB 2 transfer speeds then he should install a USB 2 PCI card. Thank you all for advice.

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