USB 2 Cardreader

  desperate1950 15:05 07 Jun 2005

I have a external usb cardreader/righter installed plugged into an usb 2 port sometimes the pc will not show it installed an other times its all right when I go to my computer its all there with all its seperate drives showing and it works fine other times as I say its a goner any ideas friends

Desperate 1950

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 07 Jun 2005

Seems to work better if always plugged into the same port.

  jack 17:39 07 Jun 2005

Assume you XP as operating system?
Check Device manager when it is acting up - are there any Yellow wotsits?
If no unplug and replug it

Another thought - is the Card plugged to the machine direct or through a hub?
If on a hub is it self powered or to the PC direct.
If a hub what other devices are on it?

  desperate1950 19:26 07 Jun 2005

the device man. shows up no probs.I have a direct feed to the pc. no hub although in my old system it was linked via a hub with no probs when it goes in the blink the the pc comes up with a bubble stating unknown device then I ignore and reboot and there it is a mystery

Desperate 1950

  jack 19:31 07 Jun 2005

Possibly a faulty cable then or the device itself
Have you another cable- possibly from a printer or scanner or camera - depends what the device end is like there are several types.

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