USB 2 becomes 1

  compy 12:30 25 Dec 2005

xp pro, sp2,all updates, gigabyte 8e series MB

mb comes with 8 usb 2/1 connectors, 4 on board and 4 front connected by wire. every thing as been working corectly. or so i thought, until i connected my xmas toy a usb 2 phone. it comes back telling me it's usb 2 and would perform better in a usb 2 connection. i thought they where. i have checked the bios and usb 2 is enabled. any ideas why it's not working at usb 2.

thanks in advance for any help

  Freddog™ 12:49 25 Dec 2005

Did you plug it into the front or back?

  Freddog™ 12:50 25 Dec 2005

Did you plug it into the front or back?

  compy 13:08 25 Dec 2005

tried both.

  Totally-braindead 14:22 25 Dec 2005

When you go into device manager under system in control panel does the USB say enhanced, if it doesn't that means its USB 1 and you need to install the driver.

  compy 14:53 25 Dec 2005

USB controllers list
enhanced host 265c
(properties indicate enabled and working fine)

  Totally-braindead 14:59 25 Dec 2005

If the phone has a driver I wonder if there is an updated driver that may solve this. Perhaps the computers ok but its the phone thats the problem. Is there a website for the phone manufacturers where you may get help or an updated driver.

  Freddog™ 16:44 25 Dec 2005

Although the computer is noticing it's USB 2. Try updating the drivers again? Make sure the phone drivers are installed I guess [I know I just said about Totally-Braindead although it seems the only answer?]

  VoG II 16:46 25 Dec 2005

Right click on enhanced host 265c and select Update Drivers (when connected to the internet).

  eddie937 19:02 25 Dec 2005

i would also try and update the drivers.

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