usb 2

  kevc 10:08 16 Mar 2003

would anybody know why my 2 usb 2 connectors at the back of my computer wont detect, so therefore don't seem to be working. It is something i have to enable in the bios. I have a asus a7v333 motherboard which came with 2 usb1...they are working...2 usb2....not working....and also it came with a adapter with 2 extra usb ports which i plugged in to the usb 1 connecter on the motherboard and these are also working.

  « Ravin » 10:11 16 Mar 2003

have you installed the drivers for the usb 2.0 ports ? and also i think for windows xp you have to download a patch to make it work with xp.

  kevc 10:14 16 Mar 2003

i think i did but how can i check

  kevc 10:15 16 Mar 2003

also will usb1 joystick work in usb2 slot

  A Pound of Sausages 10:19 16 Mar 2003

A USB1 Joystick WILL work in a USB2 slot.

All "1" peripherals should work in "2"

  kevc 10:21 16 Mar 2003

i have reinstalled the usb 2 drivers but still no joy

  A Pound of Sausages 10:42 16 Mar 2003

Are the connectors connected the right way to the motherboard?

Maybe they're a bit loose?

  kevc 10:47 16 Mar 2003

the usb's that aren't working are the ones that are connected to the motherboard by the manufacturer, the ones i have connected are working fine. I've decided to unplug my zipdrive and the joystick is in this the minute i give up ...thanks for your responce though..if you have anymore ideas i will check later, thanks again...

  « Ravin » 15:56 16 Mar 2003

are you using xp ? if so there is a patch that has to be applied before the ports work as intended..

the qfe patch should have been provided by the manufacturer but is also included in sp1 so if you aply that it might help.

usb 2 is backwards compatible so older usb devices will continue to work but at usb 1.1 speed though i doubt that anyone would find any difference between the two except in a few cases.

  « Ravin » 15:58 16 Mar 2003

also try updating the mobo drivers too

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