kalstras 11:39 26 Aug 2006

where on my comp do I look to find which of my 6 USB ports are USB and which are USB2?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:41 26 Aug 2006
  Gwyn1 13:28 26 Aug 2006


I have checked the site suggested and followed their instructions. According to the test I ran I have one enhanced USB port, how do I find which one it is (where located on the computer) are USB 2.0 marked differently than USB 1.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 26 Aug 2006

What test? If it says "Enhanced" in device manager USB, you have USB2

Where are your 6 ports? 4 rear two front?

PCI USB card fitted Yes / No?

If you plug a USB 2 device into a port and the port is only USB1 speed it will throw up an eror message. Try each port in turn.

  kalstras 17:33 26 Aug 2006

I have four in the back and two up front, and no, none say enhanced on the device manager

No PCI card fitted

  DieSse 17:46 26 Aug 2006

What make and model motherboard do you have?

  kalstras 18:20 26 Aug 2006

HP Pavilion Desktop PC

I do not know the exact type of my motherboard sorry.

  DieSse 18:23 26 Aug 2006

Run Everest (free) and it will tell you (as well as all about all the things in your PC. click here

  kalstras 19:15 26 Aug 2006


  kalstras 22:02 26 Aug 2006

yeah thanks but it still doesnt tell me which one is the uUSB2 but ty anyhow

  Pamy 22:42 26 Aug 2006

No pci card fitted then they will all be the same. No enhanced, then they are just usb1.

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