USB 1.1 and USB 2

  Bonzy 15:22 27 Apr 2004

Hello folks, is it possible to have usb2 devices run ok when connected to usb1 ports? My Iomega
cd-rw 52x24x52 usb2.0 external drive is refusing to work well when installed on an AMD pc running Win Me with usb ports I suspect are usb1. I tried to find out in device manager - it indicates usb only. When I install the driver and connect the hardware, the pc freezes. Could it be the usb1 and usb2 incompatibility? Please help.

  struggle8 15:27 27 Apr 2004

well I have A usb 2 Scanner and A usb2 bb modem connectet to a usb1 port don`t seem to slow down thing when tranfering data here

  Clint2 15:35 27 Apr 2004
  Stuartli 16:54 27 Apr 2004

USB2.0 is fully backward compatible with USB1.

  Totally-braindead 17:37 27 Apr 2004

USB 2.0 is backward compatible with USB 1 but, in the case of a cdwriter for example it will be incapable of reading and writing at the stated speeds if its a 52x32x8 then it might run at 24x16x4 for example, unsure of what speed you can get with one of these devices. Suggest you look up the Iomega website it'll probably tell you there.

  Stuartli 09:12 28 Apr 2004

The maximum speeds for this drive according to the specifications are 4x4x6x using USB1; USB2 is required for the maximum write, rewrite and read speeds.


click here

A USB2 PCI card is one possible solution to gaining the maximum speed ratings.

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