USB 1.0 > USB 2.0 or Firewire

  movementz 12:07 30 Dec 2005

Hi, I have an old Dell Dimension 8100 from around 1999. I recently purchased an external hd without realising the usb ports on my pc are 1.0, so its really slow when transfering. Is there a way to get round it? I dont have any pci slots spare.

  SG Atlantis® 12:18 30 Dec 2005

no not without PCI expansion cards.

  movementz 12:31 30 Dec 2005

ok cheers m8, guess I'll have to throw out a pci card :(

  Diemmess 16:57 30 Dec 2005

If there's space inside, you can remove the external HD from its case and pop it into the computer as a secondary HD.
Not elegant, but access times will be miles better than USB2

  bluto1 19:44 30 Dec 2005

A further thought to this is to buy (if that`s an option) a USB 2 PCI card, remove the USB 1 card from your PC and install the USB 2 card. If you still have USB 1 equipment don`t worry because USB 2 is backward compatible. Hope I`m not wrong but from what I understand USB 2 is very much faster than USB 1. Happy New Year.

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