USB 1 & 2 info required

  User-324448 13:21 05 May 2004

Would a device like a Maxtor one touch back up drive designed for USB 2 run on my system with only USB1 ?

  stlucia 13:23 05 May 2004

Yes, but slower. The Maxtor also comes with a firewire connection, which is about the same speed as USB2.

  QuickHare 13:48 05 May 2004

USB2 is fully compatible with USB1 in every respect, but the speed varies. USB1 is slower than USB2, and thus it is not a good idea to use a device such as a CD writer on a USB1 wire/socket if it's designed to use USB2. The speed at which the data travels down the wire may be critical to the running of the device.

USB2 will slow down and pretend to be USB1 if either the device is USB1 only, the computer has USB1 socket, or the cable is USB1 and not USB2.

  Tangy 14:08 05 May 2004

Like previous replies, yes it'll definitely work, but much slower. If you don't intend to upgrade to USB 2.0, it may be more economical to get a device in USB 1.1, if it's still available.

  User-324448 15:24 05 May 2004

I imagine all I would need to do is to buy the card and install it onto the mother board? I can see this getting near the cost of a half decent 2nd computer by the time Im finished, ie Maxtor, USB card. £££ Hmm

  georgemac 15:29 05 May 2004

click here low cost soloution - but read the reviews to ensure you can get usb2

  byfordr 15:42 05 May 2004

£7 for usb2 pci card click here
£14 firewire card click here
£18 firewire and usb2 click here

One touch click here

No point messing around. Fantastic device on firewire or usb2. Dead slow on usb. Got the 250gb version (£190) (£130 for 160gb) Wouldn't bother touching it unless you upgrade to usb2 or firewire.


  Djohn 15:49 05 May 2004

Hi prof. Yes, a USB 2.0 PCI card will do as you suggest and give you from 2-4 extra USB 2.0 ports at the rear of you PC. They can be bought from around the £20.00 mark for a branded name and will work fine. I have 2 in my PC.

The data transfer is much quicker with 2.0 but remember that the final speed of any output that is sent to a printer or from scanner will depend on the speed of the hardware's engine itself. Up-loading of images from a camera to the PC will benefit from the extra speed and also external drives as well.

  User-324448 17:21 05 May 2004

Thanks to all of you for your help and suggestions I have read the reviews of some of the products, scratched my head a lot and drank plenty of tea but I am still unsure whether to gewt a cheap 2nd computer to use as back up. Thanks again, a tired Prof.

  woodchip 17:29 05 May 2004

For USB to Run on Win98se or WinME you have to have a Drivers disc with the PCI USB card otherwise you will not get them to work even some on XP have had problems

  woodchip 17:31 05 May 2004

PS most USB cards do not come with drivers, So you need to make sure you get the driver disc with the card or it will only work as a USB1.1

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