Is the US version of "Quicken" any good for use in the UK?

  giddy21 09:56 27 May 2011

I currently use Quicken '98, and would like to update to Quicken 2010 or 2011, but it is only available in a US version. Will I be able to change the program to accept Pounds Sterling, and will I be able to enter my UK Bank account details. Also, will it be able to automate the updateing of share prices for UK shares?

Are there any other known problems, or are there any other programs which will do the job of keeping track of my home finances (Including a small home business - A holiday Cottage which needs the facility to create invoices)

  Woolwell 11:16 27 May 2011

My understanding is that you will not be able to import UK data files from Quicken 98 into Quicken 2010 without using Money first (if you can get a copy which is doubtful). I very much doubt that it will update UK share prices. I lost that facility with Quicken 2004 when Intuit ended all UK support. See this thread near the end about the snags Quicken review

It is a pity because Quicken was an excellent program and I still use it but not to the extent I did. You may well be advised to look at other UK financial management programs. Home Accountz, etc. Business Accountz may be more suitable for invoices. I have used either though.

  David4637 13:31 27 May 2011

Try running Q98 in W7, I run Q2002 in W7. It works OK but i don't think checking shares and the help files etc do not work. You need to copy the Program Files directly into the same W7 file structure as you do for say XP. It works fine for me. David

  Pine Man 15:12 27 May 2011

I use Quicken DeLuxe 2009. It is a US version which I have set up for GB Pounds and as a home accounts package it works perfectly. I have had plenty of excellent support from Quicken US via email. I was able to import my old files from Microsoft Money 2005 and I am very pleased indeed with it. If you cannot import your Quicken 98 files directly into the new version (their data files changed after 2005 I think) you can download a US version of Microsft Money Sunset free of charge and import your old Quicken files into that and then onto a later version of Quicken!

BUT, and there is always a but! You cannot download data directly from UK banks or update shares but if, like me, you are happy to manually reconcile accounts then it is not an issue.

The only way I found to purchase US Quicken on line was via Quicken itself but that has to be done by phone after contact with them by email. Their retailers will not sell it outside the US.

Mind you if you know someone who lives out there or is going on holiday...;-)

Good luck.

  Housten 15:22 27 May 2011


Hi! I don't know if it is relevant to you but like Woolwell I am using 2004 in Windows 7 64bit with no problems. When the share price update stopped - for me the last time the shares updated was 3 December 2008 at 5.12 pm - I started updating the share prices by hand, as I got the prices from my broker's web site. However I soon got fed up with that and entered the shares in Excel and then copied the prices into Excel, with the only problem being that I have to have a separate spreadsheet for each day. I have tried one or two other ways but this seems to be the simplest/best. Unless, of course, someone knows differently............

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