US TV channel sound on my PC

  Windsor 10:52 13 Aug 2009

I have suddenly started getting a US TV channel sound on my PC. I don't seem to be able to get rid of it.
Has anyone any idea where it has come from.


  woodchip 10:55 13 Aug 2009

If you Have a Mic connected remove it, It will Be American Forces Network in Germany you are picking up

  Windsor 10:15 14 Aug 2009

Thanks Woodchip, but to no avail.
It is not coming via the Internet as it is disconnected now.


  woodchip 13:47 14 Aug 2009

American Forces Network in Germany
Is nothing to do with Internet it's "German Radio for American Forces" You are using a Microphone or something that is acting like a Antenna

  Windsor 15:54 14 Aug 2009

No - I have nothing attached that could be acting as an aerial.
I recently used two separate malware and other virus type programs to clean out anything unsavoury.
But the pick up is still there for some of the time.
Can anyone else help - as it the most annoying state of affairs.


  woodchip 19:07 14 Aug 2009

Something acting as an aerial. on your PC so you need to check, like anything that as a Coil of wire in it Speakers, Mic in Monitor etc etc

Most likely and should be on the input side of the computer, to look for the above. have you fitted any new hardware?

  Windsor 11:47 19 Aug 2009

I have removed all the input connections - only one in fact, and no difference.

Further to my problem.
The interference is mostly a TV station somewhere, with partly English voices with some American ads.
It comes on out of the blue and cuts off as quickly.

Is this any help to anyone?


  Windsor 19:51 20 Aug 2009

I THINK I have solved it.
I had recently installed Download Accelerator Plus.
I now discover that you can get radio and TV stations on it and this appears to have been the cause. I have now deleted it!!!

  bluto1 22:17 20 Aug 2009

I hope you have solved it. I've had DAP for a few years now and never have I had American radio on my PC.

  Windsor 09:59 26 Aug 2009

I have got rid of the interference but unfortunately have lost ALL sound!!When I go into Control Panel and then Sounds and Audio devices all the entries are show dimmed. I have tried downloading as many new drivers as I can but still no go.
I am desperate now - so if anyone can offer a suggestion I would be most grateful.

  Windsor 18:02 26 Aug 2009

I have given up and re-installed windows!

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