US Robotics network to modify- ADSL Modem advice

  Epirb406 14:53 26 Feb 2006

Afternoon all,

I currently have a wireless home network based around a US Robotics 8054 Access point and router.

Internet access is currently provided wirelessly by Red Moon. click here

This is organised with what I guess you could describe as their equivilent of a modem plugging into one of the Ethernet ports on the router which then makes internet access available to the whole house (And the neighbours until I secured the network!)

Logistically this is perfect, however the access is slow and expensive and I will shortly be signing up for ADSL Broadband.

I want to keep the same network structure and upgrade hardware as cheaply as possible.

I guess what I want is an ADSL Modem which plugs into my US Robotics router?

I would be tempted to stay with USR as most of my network kit is from them but a quick look at their kit was far from straightforward.

Anyone any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks, Epirb.

  keewaa 19:45 26 Feb 2006

Seperate adsl modem and router are notorious for problems. I would advise you to go for an adsl wireless router with built in modem.

  Epirb406 19:12 27 Feb 2006

Thats kind of why I wanted to stick with one brand. Interested to hear about notorious difficulty, anything specific?

Thanks, Epirb.

  keewaa 22:08 27 Feb 2006

Specifically getting them to work. If you get past that hurdle then you'll be fine, but forums tend to see alot of problems with people trying to set up adsl with a seperate modem and seperate router, whereas people with a combined one unit adsl modem router don't have that issue.

  Epirb406 08:03 05 Mar 2006

Found a super cheapy (£1!)Adsl modem on ebay, when the time comes I will try that first and report back.

Many Thanks, Epirb.

  keewaa 11:24 05 Mar 2006

It would need to be an ethernet adsl modem, as USB won't work in the setup you are trying.

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