US & UK voltages - Charger/Plugs

  travel39 22:42 06 Dec 2011

I will shortky be receiving a Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab Plus tablet (bought in the US) When I contacted Samsung UK, they said I will need a voltage converter to step the voltage down from 240 to 120. I previously thought that all charger/plug units will accept voltages from 100 to 240 volts. Is this correc? I have a cheap basic LG mobile which I bought in the States and the charger for that works fine on 240 UK mains, due to being a world universal charger/plug. Can you please advise. Thank you.

Kind regards

Brian Scott

  robin_x 22:49 06 Dec 2011

I suspect you are right and Samsung will be wrong.

It will be printed on the label on the charger. That's a worldwide legal requirement. Have a look when it arrives.

If it is multi-standard, get an adaptor from local shop. Don't try to force US pins in our sockets, they are a different pitch.

  robin_x 22:52 06 Dec 2011

Or cut the end off and fit a plug.

  travel39 23:20 06 Dec 2011

Thanks for the reply Robin.I feel that I'm right about the fact that most charger/plugs are made to world wide standards which logically means they're ok to operate over a range of 100 to 240 volts. However, I'll do the sensible thing and make a point of double checking the label on the charger/plug when I get it. I suspect that all will be ok,although I'm a bit surp;rised by Samsungs advice which I didn't feel was right. Hence my query. Thank you.

Brian Scott

  Woolwell 23:20 06 Dec 2011

An adaptor is fairly straightforward and the pins will be available if you go back to the USA. Most supermarkets stock travel adaptors.

  v1asco 03:36 07 Dec 2011

looking at the accesories page samsung it seems that it is a standard usb connection to the plug. The USB adaptors are fairly cheap but this onethe skross 2 usb adaptor/travel plug covers everywhere and I find it extremely useful well worth £20

  morddwyd 07:22 07 Dec 2011

"it seems that it is a standard usb connection"

Beware! It isn't.

The 7 inch has a special Samsung connector, a source of great annoyance.

"That's a worldwide legal requirement. Have a look when it arrives."

I think you'll find that only applies to mobile phones, and manufacturers can go their own way with tablets, though most do use the standard micro-usb.

  v1asco 13:07 07 Dec 2011


not owning one I was just looking at the travel adaptor Samsung show on their accessory page. Click here samsung tab 7 then accssories tab, then #04. It shows a USB lead to the adaptor, not worried about the other (tablet) end as this thread is about the converter. I hope I am correct as it will save travel39 a lot of hassle.

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