URL not reconised

  the kopite 19:01 18 Sep 2007

Hi Guys I published a site on Sunday but this is what I get trying to access it ?......Your search - click here - did not match any documents.

Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords.

I have been in touch with my website host and they described my site and said it's active? Any ideas what gone wrong please Guys Thanks Kopite

  malcolme 20:34 18 Sep 2007

Just tried your site, it works.

  Fermat's Theorem 21:56 18 Sep 2007

Just tried a few links - The one to Weston-Super-Mare from the Somerset drop-down list does not work, nor did the one to Wimborne from the Dorset drop-down list. Others did work, but I did not check them all.

Nice site, though - good luck with it :-)

  Patr100 22:12 18 Sep 2007

check your spelling

"Website contructed by Ray ..."

  the kopite 22:56 18 Sep 2007

Hi Guys thank you for replying My trouble is I can not connect to my site? I want to see it on line to correct ant errors Can you please tell me what url you used to connect guys or did you just use the click me on the post ? thanks kopite

  Patr100 23:09 18 Sep 2007

I used the "click me" link you supplied
- worked Ok for me.

  Forum Editor 23:12 18 Sep 2007

It's absolutely awash with text errors, as fourm member says, but no doubt you'll be checking for, and removing those.

  the kopite 23:39 18 Sep 2007

Hi FE yes I will go over it again it's just got me puzeld that I can not see it on line to see exactly what is amiss One of the lads says the search engine might not have listed it yet I hope so lol Kopite

  DieSse 00:33 19 Sep 2007

Since we all used the "click me" link in your first post, try clicking that - it definitely works.

Forget any chance of finding your site via a search engine in the foreseeable future. It won't happen.

  the kopite 10:16 19 Sep 2007

lol fourth member you are right about that But it's only an interest, and besides one is never to old to lean is one. I will close this now to save myself further emmbassment Thanks guys Kopite

  the kopite 13:17 19 Sep 2007

Hi Forth member I did not think for one minute you was being rude. And honestly I did not know about what you pointed out about the address bar I like your friend thought the internet started and ended with goole lol Kopite

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