URGENT!!!Good PC under £800 needed!

  jediknight007 00:52 18 Feb 2003

Hi, I have just been asked to help my aunt choose a new PC. It's very unlikely to be more than £1,000 or even £900 since he won't be playing games and needs it for work and the net. She also likes to use her digital camera a lot and e-mail them.

I know that a £500 PC will do as well but she doesn't want one that cheap since it might not be of good quality and from a reputable supplier. Therefore, that rules out PC World, which a lot of people still seem to buy their PCs from. I just had 2 cousins splash out £1,500 and £2,000 on 'top-spec' PCs which will undoubtly be mid-range by summer.

I have had a look at some well-known suppliers such as Mesh, Dell and Evesham. Again, I know that there are other less-known companies who offer the same spec for similar prices but their after-sales might not be as good.

I have seen the Mesh Matrix 2400+ and it comes with the following specs:

- AMD Athlon XP 2400+

- ASUS motherboard

- 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM

- 80GB 7200rpm HDD with 2MB Buffer

- 64MB ATi Radeon 9000 with TV Out and DVI

- 17" Mitsubishi DPro 750 .25mm (Is this a flatscreen?)

- 8x DVD/8x4x24 CD-RW Combo drive

- Creative Soundblaster sound and speakers

- 56Kbps V.92 Modem

- Integrated Ethernet Adaptor

- Logitech Internet Keyboard & Optical Mouse (Black)

- Windows XP and Worksuite 2003

- Insured Delivery

All for £802.52. Is this a good price? Any quick replies would be very much appreciated as I am likely to place my order 2moro for one since my aunt has been waiting ages for a PC. 'REMEMBER' She doesn't play games or anything but of course will like a good quality PC which will last her a few good years.

  Djohn 01:00 18 Feb 2003

click here Don't rule out PCWorld, they gave me excellent service as you will see from my thread, and they have some very good deals on.

Also of late they do not push the warranty, just mention it and leave it for you to decide.

Beside my purchase I have just been back in and bought a £1500-00 Laptop for my Son, (His Money) and again excellent service. J.

  MAJ 01:09 18 Feb 2003

It looks pretty good, jediknight007, but personally I would go for a Multivision PC rather than Mesh as the warranties are better. And No the monitor is CRT.

  *mark 01:15 18 Feb 2003

Mesh have just released this system which looks like value...

Matrix XP 2500+ R95 :

AMD Athlon XP 2500+,

512Mb 333MHz High Performance PC2700 DDR,

120Gb Ultra Fast with 8Mb Buffer (7200rpm),

17' Mitsubishi DPro 750 - 0.25mm (16" VIS),

128Mb ATI Radeon 9500 - TV & DVI,

16-Speed DVD-ROM,

CD Re-Writable (48x16x48),

Soundblaster Compatible Multi Channel Audio,

Creative Labs Inspire 4400 - 4.1 Surround,

56Kbps voice/fax/data modem,

MESH 3 Year On-Site Warranty,

MS WorksSuite 2003 + Pinnacle Studio 8 SE,

Standard Features,

All for £699 + DELIVERY + VAT.

If i hadnt just bought a new PC id be placing an order.

Hope this helps.



  MAJ 01:21 18 Feb 2003

Now that looks Yummy. I want one.

  jediknight007 01:23 18 Feb 2003

I have seen that PC but I don't think my aunt will need a Radeon 9500, 512MB PC2700 DDR and 120GB HDD but it does sound very good value for money. Ok, you win, that's only £20 more so I will recommend it. But the thing is that I would still prefer a flatscreen monitor. I will have a look at the Multivision PCs as MAJ suggested. And it looks like I will have to give it a few more days since Mesh don't use Solo cards for payment. :(

Anyways, thanks guys for keeping me alert to the latest prices, which seem to change everyday. Any other suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

  accord 08:26 18 Feb 2003

mesh do loads of good value pcs with TFTs at the moment. check out their web site click here

  vaughan007 08:32 18 Feb 2003

If you can find one, buy a medion PC. They are sometimes sold by supermarkets in the UK. The last round of Medion sales were by Aldi as far as I know. Sounds tacky I know....but for a fantastic power to price ratio you wont beat them. Plus they only use well known branded components to build their computers....unlike some significantly more expensive manufacturers.........

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:33 18 Feb 2003

You aren't may not need 512mb RAM but Windows will love it! Its much better to spend the money now and go for a spec slightly higher than your needs.

I think the advice, "buy the best you can" still holds true for most people.

  Lú-tzé 08:49 18 Feb 2003

jediknight007 - alarm bells rang when you mentioned "solo" card - if at all possible, purchase with a credit card "just in case"... too many problems in these pages could be sorted much sooner if credit cards were used for the initial purchase.

  Goldcroft 14:02 18 Feb 2003

Don't you just hate this kind of question and the responses they generate. You've bought a state of the art computer only a few months ago and there's a list of far superior machines at 75 percent of the price you paid. Aargh"

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