URGENT: XP BSOD's constantly.

  Zopah 12:19 19 Apr 2008

Hi all,
Yesterday evening, after some gaming on my HP laptop, the thing jammed up with a jagged pattern on the screen. Thinking nothing of it, I killed the power to the laptop and left it to cool down.
It was only this morning when I went to boot it up again, that I noticed a constant STOP error no matter what I try.
It claims that "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" and the file in question is "NTFS.sys" - now, even with my substandard IT knowledge, I know that indicates a problem with hardware, usually the RAM or HD. I've tried swapping the two sticks of RAM in and out, to no joy. Also, if I try to use the XP OEM disk I have, as soon as I reach the menu where it asks you to hit "R" for recovery console (was going to try copying the ntfs.sys file from the CD to the HD) - low and behold, the BSOD pops up.
This, to me at least, points to the hard drive.
Has anyone got any idea what to do? (Safe mode/last known good don't work either).
The main issue is that this laptop has been discontinued, is a foreign model, and is out of warranty, so, worst case situation.
Theres not much data of worry on there, beside the systems drivers e.t.c (last trip to the workshop - the engineers put them on there for me).
Any more info, feel free to ask. I'm currently downloading a Linux live CD to see if the HD truely is dead (should show very few files, or be unable to access it entirely).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:46 19 Apr 2008

Ntfs.sys missing or corrupt error message click here

  Zopah 12:54 19 Apr 2008

As I said before, I can't use the XP disk, that gives me a BSOD as soon as I hit 'R' to access the recovery console.

  johnnyrocker 12:56 19 Apr 2008

safe mode and system restore?


  Zopah 13:03 19 Apr 2008

Cannot access the OS at all. It gets to the "Windows XP" screen with the loading bar and immediately BSOD's on me. I'm thinking, hard drive failure of the worst kind?

  Devil Fish 13:53 19 Apr 2008

may be a faulty memory slot on the mobo try using just one stick in the different slots see what you get

  Zopah 19:46 19 Apr 2008

I tried that, each stick in both slots individually. And still the BSOD.

  rossgolf 19:49 19 Apr 2008

try unplugging all USBs and try booting then.

  Zopah 19:56 19 Apr 2008

Sadly, there are no USB devices plugged in at the moment. It is in its factory state, with no externals in at all, merely the adaptor and the laptop itself.

  rossgolf 20:00 19 Apr 2008

try downloading click here

burn to disc and boot from it. then when you get into it...try system restore to a couple of weeks before..

ps this software just mimics xp so you do v.BASIC recovery tools like system restore

  Zopah 20:06 19 Apr 2008

Thanks rossgolf, will try it.
Will report back on what happens.

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