URGENT: work files and back up gone from pc

  InquisitorNik 15:52 01 Feb 2003

I created a user for my brother, and made copies of my files on his, because he had some of his files on mine, then deleted my files that were on his user. i logged onto mine, and mine were still ok, then i shut down. i came back on (now) and theyre all gone, all my work, photos and projects, and so have the back ups. is there any downloads to get them back?????

  ^wave^ 16:18 01 Feb 2003

what os have you tried to look at the files in explorer to see if thaey have gone or tried recycle bin.

  Ironman556 16:34 01 Feb 2003

There are some programs that will attempt recovery, but the more data you write to your drive, the greater the chance you'll overwrite the stuff that's gone and make it harder to recover, so don't install any big programs or move data round too much. The files should still be there, I think all that happens is that windows is told the space is free for writing to, but it doesn't actually remove the file.

Search Google for drive recovery.

  InquisitorNik 16:48 01 Feb 2003

its Windows 98SE, and has a 14GB HD.

  dunc1234 18:39 01 Feb 2003

try the obvious first
use the search option, in the start menu to search the whole of your pc "look in c:" for the missing files.
check the recycle bin
check your brother is not being a git and deleting/hiding them without you knowing.
last resort try "ondata" for data recovery, i have used this with limited success but its tediously slow.

  spruce 18:51 01 Feb 2003

Before you start putting any software onto your pc try looking through the directory in dos. There is a good chance that you will be able to find them there as they were not techincally deleted, it maybe that you did not set up the user profiles correctly.

Any problems get back to me.

  spruce 19:46 01 Feb 2003

If the data has been deleted then a possible work around for the software installation is beg steal or borrow another hard drive, preferably already formatted (no o/s etc) and fit into pc. Then use some commercial software like norton unerase, and at the install prompt change the default from your hard drive to the new hard drive then run the unerase wizard. DOS is better though.

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