Urgent - quick opinions on these items please

  jediknight007 19:28 30 Jan 2003

Hi, I want to buy a new 17inch flatscreen, hard drive, 56K modem, 2 speaker set, keyboard and a floppy drive. I'm planning to buy from ebuyer and I have a maximum of £200 to spend. The reason I want to buy these items are because I already have the other components that I need and I just need these to make complete system for college work.

Here is what I'm thinking off at the mo:

- GNR CM1772PF 17ins Pure Flat FST 0.25dpi 1024x768 @ 85hz with 3year Onsite Warranty. I want a 17inch monitor and flatscreen is a must since my current screen doesn't look sharp. I also don't want to spend loads on a new monitor, as long as it isn't expensive and it works! Price: £87.28

However, I might decide to spend about £10 more and get the Relisys TF770 17ins True Flat 0.25DPI 1280x1024 @ 60Hz with 3year Onsite Warranty. Is Relisys a good monitor brand? My college has tons of their monitors.

- Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 60Gb UDMA 133 7200rpm Hard Drive - OEM. I prefer a Maxtor since I know they make the best hard drives and I was going to choose the 40Gb version but then I realised that it was only £5 more for an extra 20Gb! Thing is that I wanted the cheapest hard drive available but then, I won't have to pay that much extra for another 30 to 40Gb or so. Price: £64.59

- Ebuyer 56K V.90 Hardware Fax/Modem - Retail Box. Again, don't care if it's v.90 as long as it works and I can connect to the net! Price: £6.76

- Alps Floppy Disk Drive 1.44MB 3.5 inch internal - OEM. Cheap floppy drive which I shouldn't need to explain the reason for it. Price: £4.93

- PS/2 Keyboard for Windows UK Version. Cheapest keyboard available and looks to do the job fine for me. Price: £1.74

- JNC 300W SP-330 3D Multimedia Speakers. Cheap set of speakers I found. 400W costs a few pence more but it is out of stock. Is 300W enough for me? I want it to be at least the same as my current 2 speaker set (Labtec) but I dunno the W of it. Price: £4.48

All of this costs £180.35 for next day delivery (Monday). I would be so grateful if anyone could give me some feedback on my choices. Remember, I ain't the power-type person and just looking to complete my system! Thanks in advance!

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:35 30 Jan 2003

The only thing I would say that is if you are going to be doing lots of work then buy a keyboard that will be kind to the hands. There is nothing worse than having to type long assignments in the middle of the night on a keyboard that makes you sound like a mad woodpecker.

Its a shame you can't buy the ones you get from Dell on there own as they are simply the best ones I've found!

  cream. 19:37 30 Jan 2003

I would go for the Relisys TF770 17ins True Flat monitor. For an extra 10 quid you will get a more superior display.

Your hard drive is spot on.

The modem should be fine, the more expensive models will not download any faster.

As for the rest, it's just pennies. They will all work and you will have the opportunity later to get better if you wish.

  jediknight007 19:40 30 Jan 2003

Well, the thing is that if I spend £9 more, I can get the Maxtor hard drive but 80Gb!!! What is this world coming to? I just can't make up my mind. I might as well just go with the Maxtor Fireball3 40GB UIDE133 12ms 5400rpm - OEM for £52.42 and save myself some money!

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 20:08 30 Jan 2003


Where are you bying this stuff from? the prices for some of the items look very good, BUT do they include vat @ postage?, interested to find out as i am looking for a 17inch monitor.

  cream. 20:12 30 Jan 2003


Here is the e-buyer web site.

click here

  jediknight007 20:13 30 Jan 2003

Ok, I have placed my order! As mentioned above but with the Relisys monitor instead. Didn't want to risk £10 for a monitor brand (GNR) I have never heard of before. Looks more simple and might not have as many features as the Relisys. £190 altogether and should arrive on Monday.

Theonewhowatchesoveryou - It's from ebuyer as mentioned in my first paragraph in the my post. This is the cheapest place to buy your components and much cheaper than computer fairs. And yes, they do include VAT, had to keep clicking on the item to check the final price when typing it in my original post!

  cream. 20:24 30 Jan 2003

jediknight007. I do not think you will regret getting that monitor once you fire it up.

  jediknight007 20:31 30 Jan 2003

I can't wait to fire up the monitor as well! As long as it doesn't fry or anything. Order now processed and will be delivered by Monday. Btw, are there any tips for when the order comes such as how to make sure that everything is working? That's my next worry.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 20:41 30 Jan 2003


sorry did not spot the e-buyer bit!!!, will be looking at soon, can you post back and tell us everything was re delivery/setup etc???


  jediknight007 20:46 30 Jan 2003

I would be glad to share my news with my fellow PCA friends. Seems like a long time to Monday!

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