URGENT Problem with DvD drive

  noob17 13:10 01 Jan 2006

i have the following drive:

phillips dvdr1628p1

i cannot create audio cd's using nero 7. It keeps freezing at 3%. I can write mp3's onto cd's via a data disk but i cant play them on a cd player so could someone please tell me how to fix this problem. is there some sort of restriction???

please reply ASAP


  Totally-braindead 13:16 01 Jan 2006

Normal CD players cannot read MP3 disks, in order for it to work you need a CD player that is labelled as being able to read MP3 data disks so that is not a problem and is normal. However the failing to write audio disks is different. Initially what I would try is delete and reinstall Nero and see what that does, if that fails then check for updates. And try again.

  noob17 13:18 01 Jan 2006

well my old pc worked fine with the audio cd's. and i already tried reinstalling nero 7 but that didnt make a difference. Is it something to do with windows built in image writer???? or is it something to do with some sort of protection on the drive that restricts me from burning certain types of data????

please HELP!!

  madPentium 15:16 01 Jan 2006

I think nero 7 has a lot of bugs yet to be ironed out. I went back to 6.

  Totally-braindead 15:23 01 Jan 2006

Regarding the CD player thing, I am talking about trying a MP3 disk on a stand alone CD player as in a hifi or a car stereo. A MP3 disk is completely different to an audio disk, an MP3 is burn as DATA this is why most CD players can't read them. Its nothing to with Windows built in writer I would think as I've been using Nero as have many of my friends and we have never had a problem due to that but we are all using Nero 6 not 7. I would think that the most likely problem is that Nero 7 has some sort of issue with your CD writer hence my suggestion to see if there is any update.

  Totally-braindead 15:26 01 Jan 2006

Another thought, is this a new player, has it worked before, if it has worked before what program were you using before and have you perhaps changed the disks you have been using.

  pj123 15:32 01 Jan 2006

As madPentium says. I also had lots of problems with Nero 7 and went back to Nero 6.

  noob17 15:33 01 Jan 2006

this is a brand new player. Got it with a new pc. its only worked for data files and i still havnt created any audio cd's since i got it!

  Graham ® 15:39 01 Jan 2006

I saw URGENT so came straight in!!!!!

What is the URGENT part?????

  Totally-braindead 15:41 01 Jan 2006

Do you have an older version of Nero? If not have you tried to see if there are updates for the Nero 7 you do have?

  noob17 15:42 01 Jan 2006

i have nero 6.6 . I have all the updates for it. The urgent part is that i need my music for my music player and i need it now. If there is a problem with the hardware i can return it and get a new 1 so i need to know!!!!

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