Urgent PC Help Needed!

  Silenced 18:59 31 Mar 2008

Right, here is my problem, yesterday my computer was doing fine, now I turned it on today it boots up, but the screen doesn't do anything. It could be the screen but I think it is the computer, I think a virus deleted my screen drivers?

Is there any why I can fix this quickly and safely?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:02 31 Mar 2008

Do you mean that the monitor doesn't come on? If so, check that all connections are secure. Does it have any lights on it?

  Silenced 19:04 31 Mar 2008

The monitor comes on but doesn't pick up anything and goes into sleep, I have my Vista Recovery Discs but since I can't see anything I can't do anything.

I have checked the connections and it still didn't work.

  Jollyjohn 19:27 31 Mar 2008

I would suspect the graphics card rather than drivers. Do you have a spare graphics card you could try?

  Silenced 19:34 31 Mar 2008

Nope, I have only had my computer for 3 months, and my dads comptuers graphics card is built in :/ 16mb graphics on it xD

  DieSse 19:53 31 Mar 2008

"it boots up"

Why do you think it boots up, if you see nothing on the screen? Often no screen display is a sign it isn't booting at all. Though it could also be lots of other things.

Do you hear the single beep that tells you the system has passed it's initial hardware tests?

Why do you suspect a virus did this - have you got an AV program? - if you have, then it's very, very unlikely you have a virus.

If you never see a display at all - it's not a driver problem, as the display during booting is driven from the BIOS, not Windows.

If you never see anything on the display, you'll have to fix that first - you can't use the computer at all without a display.

  DieSse 19:54 31 Mar 2008

If you've only had it for 3 months, it should be under guarantee. In which case the supplier is responsible for fixing it.

  100andthirty 20:00 31 Mar 2008

Try the monitor and lead on your Dad's computer. If you get an image then it's your computer that's conked out. If you don't get an image, then try a different lead. If you get an image, then it's the lead that's duff, if you don't then it's the monitor that's duff

  Silenced 20:43 31 Mar 2008

I do get the beeps that tells me it has passed the thingys, but the beep seems different than it used to be O.O

Also, I would take it back but I don't want to loose everything on my hard drive

  DieSse 20:57 31 Mar 2008

It's one beep to say it's passed the test.

Anything more says there's a problem. What exactly are the beeps you get - the pattern of beeps is a code that gives a clue as to the problem.

  DieSse 20:58 31 Mar 2008

"I don't want to loose everything on my hard drive"

That's why making backups is such an excellent thing to do.

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