URGENT: Monitor not working with computer!

  HitsuToushi 09:07 19 Aug 2007

Hey guys, I'm new, sorry to ask for help right off the bat, but this is kinda urgent. School's starting for me soon and I need my PC in working order because I have a college writing class I'll need it for as well as some Chemistry classes I'll be needing my PC to do research for.

Newho to start off, my comp was working fine until about a night ago when I moved it to plug in my headphones (it was next to my speaker but my speaker was in the middle of the tower and the computer).

Basically when I moved it, it suddenly shut down saying "Physical Memory Error, Windows is Shutting Down to prevent damage" or something of the sort (it was one of those blue error screens ... bleh)!

Well I ended up having to swap out IDE cables cause the BIOS wasn't reading my HD. I finally got it up and running again, BUT it was showing some slight but noticeable lag and the performance was rather sluggish compared to before. I took the memory out thinkin that might be the problem I went to run an errand (no one touched it and I put it in one of those static free pouches to be safe), and came back to have my friend take a look at it.

Well when my friend arrived, we found out that the monitor wouldn't work with the PC anymore and the boot up sequence didn't show up on the monitor, just the thing that said "testing connection" or whatever you get when your monitor is turned on but not active with your computer tower.

My concern is, what the heck is going on? We tested the graphics card with my bro's comp (which I"m on right now but I've limited access to), and it worked just fine. As far as I can tell the HD and the CD ROM drive are working fine. So my question is, is it my Monitor (we tried another one but it was just as old as the current one I've got). The tower and stuff seems to be functioning okay but I can't see anything since the monitor isn't responding to the tower's boot up sequence.

Could something have happend to the BIOS chip or maybe the MOBO have been fried somehow? I previously just bought the game FEAR and had played that for the last two days with absolutely no problem. Then about an hour after I'd finished for the day that's when the first stuff started happening and the shutdown. HELP! DX

  ding dong dave 09:39 19 Aug 2007

when you tried the other monitor did that work?, as you haven't said.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:27 19 Aug 2007

REmove and refit all memory modules and the graphics card.

Check the monitor cable for damage and bent pins.

  HitsuToushi 14:10 19 Aug 2007

When I tried the new monitor, no it didn't work. I've tried removing the memory and checking the monitor cable. As of now I"m not really sure.

  Nowl 19:47 19 Aug 2007

Hi Hitsu

If the second monitor didn't work either, I think it's unlikely your monitor is kaput :-) I'd do as Fruit Bat suggested and make sure your graphics card is pushed right down into its slot. I got the blank screen problem recently when I changed my graphics card and panicked because I was sure it was fitted correctly, but sure enough when I opened up the case again and pushed the card right down, everything was fine again.

If that doesn't work. . . you know your card is okay, since it worked in your brother's computer, so it could well be the cable. Can you borrow the one from your brother's machine to try? If you can hear the PC booting up, just not see anything, it sounds as if your mo'board is fine. :-)


  [email protected] 20:47 19 Aug 2007

Try removing the graphics card and connecting the monitor to the mobo monitor connector.
Note: With the card in place in the PCI slot, the on-board graphics capability is automatically disabled. This may prove or otherwise you monitor.

  [email protected] 20:48 19 Aug 2007

You monitor? -- your monitor :-)

  HitsuToushi 21:42 19 Aug 2007

Hey guys, I tried most of that, I'll try with another monitor here after a while (maybe what my bro is using) BUT I can't do any of that stuff till I get a new powersupply.

When I was takin' out my power supply to check it to see if there were any frayed wires or something, I noticed it was letting off an electrical current which was also traveling through the frame of the computer. COuld this be the cause of all this stuff?

  [email protected] 21:49 19 Aug 2007

Given all you have said about dodgy BIOS and IDE cables, plus a bad power supply...

Yo say you need to rely in this machine for your studies? When you can pick up a new PC so cheap these days. I suggest it's time to invest in a new PC. If you spend 50 notes on a power supply, that is 10-20% of a new machine.

  woodchip 21:50 19 Aug 2007

First, you moved the Computer while it was switched on. this made you have a Hard drive crash Your Hard Drive sounds like the MBR is corrupt. This may get it going if you put things back just as the aws before. click here

Or click here

  HitsuToushi 22:50 19 Aug 2007

@ Woochip: my monitor isn't work so I can even see if it's booting up, that's currently my problem, as well as this new problem of the power supply, I'm going to try to replace that.

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