Urgent - Lost system

  Liza 01:20 26 Nov 2006

Computer is an amd athlon 2800 has 4 hds 1 main 1 scsi 2 sata 1 gig ram msi graphic 256mb vga card psu 350w 4 fans 1 ram drive 1 cdrw drive a floppy.Finished working on video started on a game of chess after a while system suddenly gave a sound like toc and it began to die with thedrives lights slowly switching off. Now all fans cpu, chip, front and rear come on when pc starts. Doesnt that mean psu is okay.but switching on and off on the front wont work must remember to switch the back onoff switch. The monitor wont come on it flashes a message there is no signal. Please help. Liza
My laptop on which I am writing this message is also playing up but I will deal with this in another message.

  octal 09:05 26 Nov 2006

Can you pull the graphics card out and try the computer on it's own internal graphics driver?

A 350w sounds a bit small for what's connected to it, so I wouldn't discount the PSU as not causing the problem as well.

  Technotiger 09:09 26 Nov 2006

Hi, definately sounds like you have been over-working your PSU, for all the stuff you have connected up you need at least a 500w PSU.


  Liza 11:09 26 Nov 2006


I pulled out the vga card and of course this action would not show anything on monitor because it is not connected. I turned on computer, sorry, but what am I supposed to see? I pulled out the cable for the ram drive so the light on the drive will not appear. Please advise. Thanks Liza

Yes it does sound as if I have overdone it. But I have had the computer working for almost 3 years. Antec in their guarantee for 3 years (finishes feb) say I can make a claim if anything goes wrong. You think they'll refuse due to overload? 1 hd is 80gig and the satas 80 each. The scsi 9gig. How does one know the cpu is still working? Liza

  egapup 11:15 26 Nov 2006

Try fitting another graphics card.

  Technotiger 11:27 26 Nov 2006

Hi, 3years is quite a long time for an over-worked psu, they do wear out just like anything else. I am pretty sure a new 500w would make a big difference.
Antec guarantee - no harm in trying.

Good luck.

  howard64 11:33 26 Nov 2006

one of the drives could have developed a fault which is now blocking the motherboard. I agree the load seems a bit high for a 350W supply. Try removing the power leads from all but one of the drives and see if the pc will work.

  Strawballs 12:09 26 Nov 2006

I think what Octal was trying to say was pull out the graphics card and connect the monitor to the on board plug!!!

  Liza 12:51 26 Nov 2006


Thanks for your message. Sorry I dont understand. What is on board plug? If you mean sockets on the case or on the mb itself I cannot find a female plug to connect the monitor. The monitor is an lcd iiyama and I cannot even attach it to my laptop which according to manual must be a crt. Please help. Liza

  seedie 12:51 26 Nov 2006

That 'tic' noise sound like the cut-out in the PSU working; had the same thing in the summer and changed the PSU (300w) for a 500w Antec. because I was in a bit of a hurry I bought it locally £59.99


  Liza 18:13 26 Nov 2006

Hi seedie
Thanks for your message. ObviouslyI don't know what kind of antec psu you had and how you managed to get one that fitted your case. I had a look into the Net for mine but couldnt decide all I saw were right size. The manual does not give much info just that itis an ATX 12V form factor supply and has a 20 pin ATX power connector. so I managed to read the label on psu itself. The psu is 380w! There is no dimension. A label says Real ATA Ready. Should it not be ATX Ready? Anyway I measured it roughly 3.4 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches. Where did you get yours from. Do you think the shop would have one for mine. Liza

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