littlestan 11:43 16 Nov 2008

Hi - i tried to get onto my hotmail today but was met with a blank page - with a 'done' down in the left hand corner. As with most things it was fine yesterday. I ran a superantispyware scan last thing last night before closing it down and then today zappo - cannot get onto hotmail at all. Any ideas anyone.

I am using my husband's pc to email you and i can get hotmail from his pc - so there must be something amiss with mine!

All help very much appreciated x

  FreeCell 12:33 16 Nov 2008

Help us a bit littlestan with more detail. What browser are you using and what operating system?

Firefox has recently had problems but an update to 3.0 4 seems to have fixed it.

Cleared out all internet temporary files?

  spuds 13:14 16 Nov 2008

When 'done' appeared, did you try a refresh of the web-page?.

  littlestan 14:42 16 Nov 2008

Hi guys

I changed my password on another pc as i seem to remember this happening a while ago and for some reason that seemed to help. Anyway turned it off and restarted and its back again. Very odd. I checked that i had not ticked the change password box every 72 days too, but seems to be ok now.

As a follow up - how do i find out what browser i am using as freecell asked for future ref?

thanks for your help LS x

  FreeCell 14:57 16 Nov 2008

browser is either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome or similar product.

When you access Hot mail on the top of the window should be the name of the site followed by the name of the browser you are using. Right now mine says Forums - URGENT -HOTMAIL HELP PLEASE - PC Advisor - Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  littlestan 16:00 16 Nov 2008

Freecell - ahh - mine says same as yours but Windows Internet Explorer - so i guess this is the browser i am using. Is this one ok?

Thank you so much - learn something new everyday!

  Technotiger 17:01 16 Nov 2008

Windows Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer 7, and yes it is OK.

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